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How do sinkholes occur/form? by Lily S and Daisy

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Elizabeth Harris

on 25 November 2015

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Transcript of How do sinkholes occur/form? by Lily S and Daisy

How do sinkholes occur/form?
Florida and sinkholes
When do sinkholes occur?
Out of the whole landmass of Florida, Florida is 20% prone to sinkholes. In 2006 2300 sinkholes occurred in Florida and 6700 sinkholes occurred in Florida 2010.
Sinkholes can occur any time, any minute and any where eg: rivers and pools. They mostly occur in: Florida, Texas, Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Pennsylvania.
What pre-disaster happens before a sink -hole?
Before a sink hole happens there is heavy rain, then a drought, then followed by heavy rain then storms again.
Under a sinkhole it is hot and humid. Many people loose their lives in a sinkhole. In Florida there are many stories where someone didn't know a sinkhole was coming so they got sucked down and died. Sinkholes can go down for ever and never end! It can take many days to find a person who has fallen down a sinkhole and sometimes they can't even be found.
How do lime stone sinkholes occur?
Limestone dirt, Sand and Clay sit on top of a Carbonate rock which when mixes with an acid makes all the rocks, dirt etc. that is under dissolve.
How many have happened this year?
This year so far there has been 237 sinkholes in the whole world (2015). The cost of rebuilding sinkhole damages is around 1.4 billion dollars each year.
What is it like under a sinkhole
Florida, Texas, Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Pennsylvania.
What happens when a sinkhole hits?
When a sinkhole hits somewhere the ground opens up and swallows what is above the hole. When a sinkhole hits no one knows when it will happen. People only know that it will happen when there is heavy rain followed by a drought then more heavy rain. No one ever knows which house or where the sinkhole will hit.
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