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How to communicate effectively


Sarah W

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of How to communicate effectively

By Kelly Wilson How to communicate effectively The meaning of communication is
ways of passing on information,
thoughts or ideas. Definition of communitation Ways of communication are: Telephone Listening, shows genuine interest in what the other person is saying.

Using the other person's name when talking.

Get to the point when communicating to people.

Let other talk and be a part of the conversation.

Using facial expressions, posture, eye contact are ways of non-verball communication. How to communicate effectively Radio Ways of communication are: Video Ways to communication are: Talking/verbal Ways of communication Written communication/letters/telegram/faxes Ways of communication are: Language/braille Ways of communication are: Body language Ways of communication are: Facial expression Ways of communication are: Computer/Facebook/Twitter/Email/internet Ways of communication are: Communication It was Friday afternoon and I was in class studying chinese. I was not very happy. The teacher told me to sit up as I had bad posture, a grumpy look on my face, and I was not listening. The bell went to end the class. My next lesson was sport. I love sport. We were having a game of soccer. We would communicate by calling out the person's name who we were going to kick the ball too. It was boys verse girls. The girls scored the first goal, all the girls jumped with joy, we also had huge smiles on our face, and being girls there was lots of screaming. We ended up winning 1 nil.
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