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Social media and digital mobilisation

How to use the internet for saving pandas and other good stuff

Lisa Vickers

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Social media and digital mobilisation

Social Media
& Digital Mobilisation email, photo and video Social proof & game mechanics Build a movement engage people who will engage others The most powerful tools for engaging people give incentives for deeper engagement Vision & Strategy Clear objectives & coordination
Know your audience
Storytelling and framing
Varying levels of engagement opportunities
Offline integration and real world events
Medium matters but content is still QUEEN! audience-centered communication Mobilisation & Crowdsourcing News and Updates make your own media News features for normal people
Blogs with great stories
Live event updates
Streaming Q & As
CONVERSIONS It's not about YOU Social log-in and integration platforms
Tracking, feedback and competitions
Easy and fun to share Make people feel special and tell their story mobilise engage inspire feedback, thank and retain Messaging &Tone
Urgent, funny, cute, cool?
Inspirational, scary, shocking?
Tick emotional boxes for your audience and be relevant
Compelling storytelling pictures can speak a thousand words.. Growing a list and keep it alive
Collect data and use filters (CRM)
Write and test great emails and subject lines
What's the "crisitunity" & the "TOC"?
Test, test, test! If it doesn't work - BIN IT. help them - help you, peer 2 peer, word of mouth Twitter and Facebook Hitting campaign targets where it hurts
Spotting trends and hooks
Branding & media waves
Networking Community growth
Campaign impact
Advertising less about you, more about "us" Everyone wants something VIRAL Depends on audience and goals by Lisa Vickers
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