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Durex Marketing Analaysis

No description

Pengly Taing

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Durex Marketing Analaysis

Company overview
Durex Marketing Analysis
Sells different physical and tangible products like condoms, gels & lubes and sex toys
Even if they sell a product they finally try to sell a feeling
Condoms fulfill a need as well as an intangible added value
To stay competitive and to satisfy customers rising expectations, new products are constantly developed to offer customers an even better experience and reach as many customer groups as possible.
Wide range of customers
Products are mainly basic and convenient
Although figures vary from product to product and company to company, roughly companies spend a fifth of the cost of product cost in getting it to the customer
Four Cs of Marketing Mix ..... Convenience (instead of place). Customers want the product and services to be as convenient to purchase as possible (Kotler, Armstrong, Cunningham 2005)
Methods of transporting, storing and making goods available to customers
Getting right product to the right place at the right time
What is Durex?
Founded in 1915
Owned by Reckitt Benckiser (2010)
The leading condom manufacturer in the UK

Presentation outline
Company overview
Market analysis
Macro & Micro
Marketing Performance
Over 80% market share in the UK
Over a quarter of the world wide condom sales
Variety of product
Embracing unique strategies
Social media
Product Range
1. Sex Toys
Long lasting Vibrations
- different price categories for different intensity of fun
Disposable Vibrations
- lasts generally about 30 min and batteries cannot be exchanged

2. Gels, Massages & Lubes
Different tastes
Different feelings and functions

3. Condoms
Condoms with which offer different feelings and functions are available
Examples: real feel, thin feel, extra safe, extra big, extended pleasure or latex free

4. Sexlection Box
Box includes different gels, a sex toy and condoms
Pricing Strategy
Health Clinics
Adult Stores/ Sex Shops
Vendor machine
Mega stores/ leading supermarkets
My supermarket.com
Find the best deals today
Compare baskets across 11 stores
Save up to 20% on every shop!

Promotional Mix
Presented by:
Jenny Engel
Bayo Gbadamosi
Amer Alraddadi
Pengly Taing
Munya Kucherera
Financial Performance
Stable company
Innovation causes increase in demand
Adoption of inexpensive marketing strategy
Ansoff´s portfolio Matrix

Product line pricing
- separating goods into cost categories in order to create various quality levels in the minds of consumers.
Market based pricing
- EVC Analysis - Estimating value to customer and comparing with competitor offers.
Premium pricing
- maintaining higher prices to encourage favourable perceptions of the brand.
Pricing Comparison
Countries Comparison
Brand Comparison
(Own Illustration)
(Own Illustration)
Placed in stored at eye level
Placed vertically in relation to other brands
Eye catching displays
Online distribution channels
"Electronic commerce is a single greatest change in business since the invention of money.......on the internet there is perfect information.......location doesn't protect you anymore.it's a truly global economy" (
National Public Radio Business News
Durex online shop
Higher VAT rate in UK reflected in price differentiation

increase awareness of STD has boosted the popularity of condoms
Advances in technology help to expand product range and improve quality

CE certification is very stringent and cost to meet the requirements is expensive

Target Market: 16 - 35 years old
Contraception more about avoiding pregnancy than sexually transmitted diseases (STD).
78% - Prevent pregnancy
34% - Prevent STD's
Mass Communication
Direct Communication
Source: Nielsen Media research/Mintel
Olympic in London
Sponsor 10,000 athletes condoms
Also, guide of safe sex, healthy sex and education of STD
Participated in olympic in Athens and Beijing
Public Relation
Someone like me
in cooperation with MTV
Promote healthy sex via phone conversation
Targeted Young adult
encourage to spread the words via social media
Social Media
Creating buzz on
Vote on Facebook
Batman, city of eastern Turkey was chosen
However, it was prevented by government
Example of social media disaster
1. Focus on older demographic
Source: indexmundi 2014
Competitor Analysis
Sexual Health – UK, August 2013
Customer Behaviour
The brand image help consumers to reduce the performance risk as well as social risk Durex stands for Durability, Reliability and excellence
They changed the brand image from `safe sex` to `better sex`
The slogan "love sex" is focusing on the fun people get by using their products more than on the security aspects of using condoms – it includes other products as well and not just condoms anymore
Dark purple as the companies representing colour in the UK expresses luxury, royalty elegance and magic
Physical Distribution
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Form of Messages
Performax campaign
The most 3rd view
3 million views
2. Focus on Younger Generation Entering the Market
According to Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), Oral Contraceptive > Condoms with 15 year-old girls attending NHS community contraceptive clinics for the first time.
Suggests changing attitudes in younger generation.
Contraception more about pregnancy than STD's
1 in 10 of 15-24 year olds with an STI become infected again within a year.
Raise awareness - SBTV. TeenNow, Sugar.
Advertising - TV, Online, Magazines.
Campaigns for older demographic - Be more inclusive
Market leader in UK (83%)
Innovative branding and promotion
Strong distribution channels
Wide range of products
High price - Young people
Durex Expenditure by Media Types
Expenditure by Media Types in UK
Source: Smartinsight 2014
Hybrid Pricing Strategy
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