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Maus: An Anthropomorphic Analysis

No description

Joe Davies

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Maus: An Anthropomorphic Analysis

Maus: An Anthropomorphic Analysis
Historical Context
Completed in 1991 by Spiegelman
Started as strip, adapted into serialized form in RAW and finally made into a graphic novel
Postmodern movement

Concept of Analysis
Anthropomorphism: applying human-like characteristics to non-human entities
Motivational Determinants of Anthropomorphism
Sociality Motivation
Effectance Motivation
Reasons to Understand Anthtropomorphism
Objects in daily life are given humanistic characteristics
Explains our knack for giving gods and higher beings human traits
Gives non-human entities morals
Understanding Anthropomorphism helps us to understand dehuminzation
Motivational Application in Maus
Sociality: Art disconnected, compensates
Effectance: Nazi's controlled Jews. Dehumanized and did not feel compelled to Anthropomorphize
Reasons Applied to Maus
1. Mice and Cats sharing human characteristics
2. Cats worshiped in some cultures
3. Animals become responsible for moral compass
4.Nazi's dehumanized Jews, cats only see mice as food source, nothing to value otherwise
Is our view of pop culture different?
Is this genre significant?
Can we view our culture in a different light?
Should we change our attitude?
Method of Analysis:
When We Need a Human: Motivational Determinants of Anthropomorphism.
written by Nicholas Epley and Adam Waytz
Katherine Moua Joe Davies
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