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ABC Bibliography

Jenni Rivera

Zami Meza

on 15 December 2012

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Transcript of ABC Bibliography

by Zamira Meza ABC Bibliography of Jenni Rivera Jenni Rivera A: was a recording artist Jenni Rivera E: in 2006 released the album En Vivo Desde Hollywood Jenni Rivera I: Her parents were Mexican
Immigrants Jenni Rivera M: She sold more than 15 million
recordes Jenni Rivera Q: She was never a quitter Jenni Rivera U: Her 10th studeo album was
#1 on Billboard Top Latin
Albums Chart in the U.S B: Sang Banda C: Had 5 children D: Was the daugter of actor/singer
Pedro Rivera F: Jenni Rivera has her own fragrance G: Has 2 Grandchildren H: was a real estate agent/Sold homes J: She was born July 2, 1969 K: Has her own karaoke disc L: She was raised in Long Beach
California N:She sang Nortena O: her oldest daughter's name is Janney Marin P: She produced a reality TV
show R: her last name is Revera S: her and her brothers are
singers T: Jenni Died on a plane on route
toToluca V: Was a Choach for La Vos
Mexico W: Won the Billboard Mexican
Awards X: ~ Y: year she was born in is 1969 Z: Zodiac sign is cancer Jenni Rivera
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