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Sleep Solutions

This prezi is part of class assignment for the crash course on creativity.

anand mirji

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Sleep Solutions

OTHER IDEAS IN PROGRESS.. The Sleep Adventure Do you go to bed but can't sleep? SLEEP TARGET 2
COGNITIVE EXPERIENCES Have you tried everything? but nothing works? We have not 1 but 100 solutions for you! From this To this SLEEP TARGET 1
Ear plugs with white noise ; White noise (e.g., rain, storm, falling leaves, random)
machine or generator or mp3 file
Customized bedtime playlist
A lullabye
Soothing/calming music
Listening to a fairytale while on your bed
Music tones for sound sleep energy healing/body balancing and chakra alignment
(Custom fitted) eye mask
Eye mask that smells like freshly washed sheets
Custom fitted hat with light blocking eye shades
Custom fitted hat with light blocking eye shades + soundCustomized pillows to your degree of soft/firmness with built in musical system, programmable with auto shut off
Change lighting to full spectrum bulbs, 3 way bulbs and dimmers.
Room darkening shades
LED candles on a timer to create a warm glow
Soothing scented oils
Mason Jar of Lavender (refreshed with spray when scent fades) bedside, open at night
Sheets that FEEL and SMELL freshly washed
High thread count sheets, flannel sheets, satin sheets (as preferred)
Use Scent-free cleaning products for bedding if allergies present
Scents with positive associations (pine cones, holiday candles, xmas trees)
Warm fuzzy socks, mittens, hat to keep warm
Warm bath with soporific scented sea salts (e.g, lavender) Journal and pen to write worries, creative thoughts, to do list, next day concerns, shopping, list. (can do this with an app/device or paper and pen).

Sleep journal with glow in the dark pen to write down pesky thoughts keeping you from sleep –relief that they are written, so you can relax

Write in a gratitude journal at nightMeditateGuided imagery and visualization training mp3.

Once used regularly for training, mp3 no longer needed.

Subject is able to use method to alter internal thoughts and self-dialog and induce a state of calm and relaxation conducive to sleep.

Leaky faucet guided imagery mp3 which trains subjects to dismiss ideas that constantly drip into their minds at night when attempting to sleep, just like a leaky faucet.

The training tape trains subjects to take each drop and imagine it gently, slowly, quietly floating into a calm stream and flowing away, bringing relaxation, soothing comfort in its place.

Focus on NOTHING (make mind blank) till you fall asleep

Count in foreign languages – requires focus and rhythmic but non-content based

Do mathematical equations before bed

Read something incredibly BORING before bed

Bargain with self- Sleep or clean house

For external noise use Cognitive reframing – realize that most sleep problems are time limited and that even the most sensitive people adapt to background noises (eg, trains, planes, automobiles) Talk about Sleep issues with others in household

Develop a relaxation training tape that guides you to a peaceful slumber by imagining feeling relaxed/transported away from stressors

Lie on your back, imagining your body elevating into the sky, soaring into sky & stars, observing without judging

Bed Massager atop the bed, set for 10 minutes, turns itself off

Identify life stressors (e.g., job issues, relationship problems, money concerns, etc.) and take active steps DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS to make positive changes that reduce stress.

Cultivate healthy practices, healthy relationships, and satisfaction in life

Join or start a support group for insomniacs

Take a vacation for the mind - - head out of town

Maintain a positive outlook in life, seeing something new/positive each day no matter how small and reflect upon it at night, that there is always something beyond what you know or think or are stressing about.

Each day, several hours before bedtime, journal (audio or in written form using tablet or paper), process and reflect upon your day noting the positive things on one page, and unfinished business/stressors/concerns on another.

Make a TOP 10 list for each (or TOP 5).

Use the list of unfinished business/stressors/concerns for the next days tasks, freeing yourself from stress and worry. On a weekly basis, review the themes that emerge in your list of stressors/unfinished business.

Develop a strategy to deal with emergent THEMES (e.g., you discover you always make time to help others but there is never time for self-care. See workbook suggestions for improved self care).

Have someone to talk to about your day on a regular (daily) basis. Even if you live alone, phone a friend, speak into an audio tape, Blog, or journal. Talking and writing are known to reduce stress and anxiety. Develop a sleep schedule, adhere to it, even on weekends

Sleep on the lap of a loved one, slowly tapped on the forehead

Take very short (10 min) Power Naps in the afternoon

Avoid overstimulation 4-6 hours before sleep
Avoid caffeine and alcohol generally but esp. close to bed time

Avoid TV 30-60 min before bed, esp with violent, high energy content

Avoid working 60 minutes or more before bedtime

Quiet time before bed (meditate, pray)
Eat healthy, Eat Seasonally for peak nutrition

Stay hydrated

Light, loose comfortable sleeping clothes

Reading uplifting or calming books before bedtime

If after 20 minutes sleep does not onset, get up, and do something else, read a book or a magazine. Nothing deep but not in the bedroom. Localized heating or cooling devices

Set comfortable room temp and air flow

Temperature controlled pillow, so you don’t have to turn it over when it’s warm

Temperature controlled memory foam for each side of the bed, customized for each temperature preference

Bed designed to maintain ideal body temp, preferably with separate thermostats for 2 people with different preferences

Humidifier for dry climates

Thermostat programmed with ideal sleep temp (note this varies individually)

Supportive mattress

Smart comforted aligning to your body position as it changes to keep feet covered and helping to keep from being woken up from misplaced covers

Good pillows

Clean sheets with comfortable fabric content (eg thread count, material)

Materials like suede or very soft heat absorbing materials can be used as pillow covers

Soothing colors for bedroom paint, bedding, window
treatments, flooring)

Tips for dealing with another person snoring in bed (move around without waking them or tug their ear) Biofeedback

When jetlagged, deprive yourself of sleep until nighttime so your biological clocks adapts to the new time zone

Do nothing –the body self-adjusts and will find it’s own natural cycle organically

Circadian rhythms clock =shorter or longer periods than the earth’s 24 hour cycle affecting how the body responds to their own daylight/darkness cycle.

Progressive muscle relaxation training mp3. Train yourself to use this each night to relax your body and promote sleep. Sleepytime tea

High Carbohydrate Snack

High Tryptophan Snack (e.g., Milk, Turkey)

High Carb + Tryptophan Snack (Milk + Cereal)

Adrenal support for diagnosed cortisol imbalance

Valerian Root

Non-specific naturopathic sleep aids


Regular Physical Exercise, but not too late in the evening

Smoke pot

Knowledge of the hormones cycle that switch when one is awake and when one goes to sleep .Trying to bring this natural cycle to normalcy. Complete sleep panic room w all amenities (massage chair, sound proofing, custom soothing sounds, darkening, music/meditation)

SEE biofeedback app above, add, sleep kit with meditation, yoga, soothing music/sounds and sleep reminder to get ready for bed an hour before lights out.

Sleep kit containing items that helped you go to sleep as a child

Use the Sleep Self-Assessment tools and corresponding color-coded workbook to target specifically identified causes of sleep disturbance with corresponding sleep remedies that target specific issues.

Workbook also has helps person identify LIFE STRESSOR THEMES that are disrupting sleep, with corresponding suggestions for change.

Laminated sleep hygiene card listing the suggestions above for proper sleep hygiene.

Various forms of sleep kits combining several sleep targets/remedies Sleep machine that comes up with a single unique solution to your current sleep problem that is guaranteed to work

New line of sleep inducing novels But ...
Before we go to the solutions
We need some
SELF-ASSESSMENT SLEEP INVENTORY is a short multiple choice inventory helps to identify patterns of sleep disturbance so that appropriate remedies can be effectively utilized (e.g., acute v. chronic insomnia; situationally induced conditions such as transient stress, improper sleeping positions or equipment such as mattresses or pillows; initial, middle or terminal insomnia, travel, other people causing noise, life stressos, medical problems, no time each day to process the day and reflect on it, etc). Once each type of sleep problem is identified, the corresponding workbook (color coded to type(s) of sleep problems lists corresponding sleep remedies or targets). Note that sleep disturbance is generally multi-determined with many, not one cause, so multiple remedies or targets of change are beneficial.

Likewise, even IF there is one primary cause, multiple modalities of change are usually beneficial.

Questionnaire with self-monitoring log to identify sleep interference problems (eg, pain, stress, worry, discomforts or other things make you wake up or unable to fall or stay sleep).

Identify root cause of sleep problem, make a table with solutions, use solution for a week, stick if it works, else move down to more ‘granular’ solution from the table

Identify conditions underlying sleep deprivation, both personal and environmental; situational or chronic

Use a Zeo or other device to measure sleep B.
MEDICAL/MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL ADMINISTERED Physical exam to identify biological bases for sleep problem

Sleep Study to rule out narcolepsy, sleep apnea

Evaluation of cortisol –in folks with chronically high stress or unresolved trauma cortisol rhythms are often backwards, i.e., high at night and low in morning, making it hard to sleep and hard to wake.

Body Scan
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