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General BCCRD

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Transcript of General BCCRD

Lynn, MA
Who do we represent?
Where are we from?
Bosnian Community Center
Resource Development, Inc.
What do we do?
BCCRD provides both cultural and linguistic services to refugees in the Lynn, MA area.
BCCRD, Inc., committed to immigrant and refugee advocacy, strives to establish and provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services to refugees and immigrants who have resettled in the wider Boston metropolitan area. We aim to support and empower refugees as they rebuild their lives in the United States of America and help them become able participants in all facets of American life.
Why we do it:
We empower people by recognizing and celebrating the unique skills and passions of individuals and groups in our community. It is our belief that such empowerment ensures that while providing services, we are also building self-esteem, communication, and leadership skills, which will in turn ease the process of acculturation.

With time, we would like the center to empower people enough that the mission of the center can evolve with them, moving into promoting the development of entrepreneurship.
Our history
The Bosnian Community Center for Resource Development (BCCRD Inc.) is a nonprofit agency created in 1998 by a group of former -Yugoslavs and Americans to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services to the 7,000 to 8,000 refugees from the former Yugoslavia who have resettled in the greater Boston metropolitan area. The only agency in the region specifically designed to serve this population, BCCRD obtained its 501(c)3 status in March 2004; however, it has been a part of the Massachusetts Assistance Association Coalition since 1998, organized by the Commonwealth’s Office of Refugees and Immigrants (ORI).
Assistance Needed by our clients
Medical Housing Employment

Financial Citizenship Transportation

DTA Legal School

Social Security Fuel WIC
Case Mangment Services
Each client at BCCRD is matched up with a Case Manager that fits their specific needs.
Meet our Case Managers:
Nepali, Bhutanese and Indian
Case Managers
Melika and Alica
Bosnian Case Managers
Lana and Tatiana
Arabic Case Managers
The Multi Ethnic
Cultural Center
It is our vision to develop the multi-ethnic expressive arts program so that the cultural center becomes a safe haven for self-expression and for dialogue between communities.

This will connect the highly varied ethnic groups who are coming to the greater Boston area as refugees, and connect these groups to the Americans who live in the area and whom have little to no understanding of these newcomer groups.
The Alterntive Treament Center
Many of the cultures we represent do not practice medicine the same way we do here in the United States. It is the vision of BCCRD to create a comprehensive program that incorporates the medical practices and recipes of those we serve.

Through the Alternative Treament Center, we will educate the medical communtiy, enhance the livelyhood of our clients and increase the wellbeing of all of our minds, bodies and spirits.
Other Staff
Adnan Zubcevic
Rosa Mojica
Administrative Assistant;
MECC Coordinator
Volunteers Program Coordinator
Executive Director
Meaghan Culkeen
AmeriCorps Member
Citizenship Programs
Green Card Applications
Citizenship Applications (N-400)
Citizenship Classes
ESOL Classes
Our dedicated Volunteers
Dem. Rep.
of the
Citizenship Prep Classes
Childrens Art Classes
College Prep English
Translation for Elders during Citizenship Interview
We are always looking for diverse, dedicated individuals!

For more information, contact
Meaghan Culkeen
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