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Hooking Up (Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus)

No description

Sasha T

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Hooking Up (Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus)

Sasha, Sarah, Kristy, Allie Hooking Up
Sex, Dating, and Relationships on campus Methodology Limitations Definition of hooking up
Oral sex
Sexual intercourse
"Script"- how cultural norms affect how one acts in society
Modern day script- men aggressor, women
Men use the term hooking up to infer more
Women use the term to protect their
reputation Chapter 1
Introduction Calling era- Mothers and daughters invite male to their home, entertain, not a private meeting, family has input on decision Chapter 2
From Dating to Hooking Up Definition of hooking up include:
kissing? oral sex? intercourse?
Can happen at the party or bar but can also lead to going to each others room/apartment
Usually know the person or someone you are friends with knows the person you are hooking up with
most people accept that a relationship will not come from a hookup Chapter 3
The Hookup 1st step 2nd step (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Chapter 4
The Hookup Scene Chapter 5
The Campus as a Sexual Arena Chapter 6
Men women and the sexual double standard Chapter 7
Life after college:
A return to Dating Chapter 8
Hooking up and Dating: A Comparison Data collection: November 2001- May 2006 College: Interviewed 33 women, 18 men
Grade levels: 8 freshman, 20 sophomores,
11 juniors, 12 seniors
Alumni: 16 men, 9 women Selection:
College: notify professors and students voluntarily participate
Alumni: State- recent graduates within a two-hour radius
Faith- e-mail addresses Conversational style interview to allow students to open up and allowed to skip a question
data analysis grounded in the experiences and perceptions of the interviewees Men asking women on dates
The person who is less interested has the upper hand
Harder to form relationships in hook up scene
In dating era degree of sexual intimacy is equal to degree of emotional intimacy
Alcohol and friends approval less important in dating era sample was not diverse
few minorities and homosexuals
no social class diversity
middle to upper-middle class
only East coast schools Dating- dating occurred in lower class because they lacked the facilities to entertain in their home
dating became popular among upper class as rebellion, dominant script on how relationships form and people become sexually intimate WWII- men went off to war, more women solidified their relationships by going steady with a frat boy or becoming engaged to a soldier Others sexual relationships has a huge impact on how people act
Hooking up comes easier to guys that are in a frat or are jocks
Women have to keep up a good appearance to have a easier time to find a hook up
Alcohol is a major part of campus life and the hook up scene
People tend to feel like they are in a mini community on campus and feel more safe with hooking up (have people watching there back) Double standard: Men can sleep with however many people they want but if is socially unacceptable for women to sleep with a lot of people #1 Rule for Women: Do not act like men in the sexual arena Women want relationships whereas men are more into just sleeping with as many girls as they can Dating now instead of hooking up
men ask women on date
men plan date
men pay for date
People usually meet at bars but instead of hooking up at first encounter they exchange phone numbers
Girls more cautious about men because they are typically strangers
Looking for more of a relationship (thinking about marriage) rather than
just hooking up with as many
people as they can John Tucker Must Die Jock boy has all the girls
Socially acceptable for the boy to be hooking up with multiple girls
Girls want a relationship but guy doesn't Failure to Launch Man starting to transition into dating phase
Living at home
When things get to serious (after initial hook up) he bring them home thinking that living with his parents will freak out the girl
The girls in the trailer are looking for a serious relationship with him
Still talking to his friends about hooking up (surfing scene) Friends with Benefits Showing the friends with benefits
no emotions
just sex
Showing that girls are always wanting more with sex (tic toc)
When she gets her bible app ("I'm a good girl")
Debating to go on couch or bedroom because it doesn't matter where since they are just friends and want nothing more www.youtube.com Sources Bogle, Kathleen A. Hooking Up: Sex, Dating, and Relationships on Campus. New York: New York University Press, 2008. Feel safe being on campus
Walking distance to the party and back to dorm
a friend is never far away
Every college has the same "hooking up scene" on campus Centered around alcohol to "let loose"
helps facilitate the interaction
between 2 people Mothers and Daughters in control of inviting man Men invite women Women in control (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Calling vs. Dating Men in control Family influence choices Peers influence choices
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