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Surveillance, Control and Assistance System

Comercialization of Technology

Perla Huerta

on 19 January 2012

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Transcript of Surveillance, Control and Assistance System

Low maintenance costs
Easy to install
Superior image quality than analog systems
Advanced search capabilities
Recording and reviewing files simultaneously
Storage system improved.
Possibility to review the same image by people in different locations and computers.
Spin off
We want to start the business as a part of the UAQ, like a spin off. 
This for a chance to use the infrastructure and facilities of the university for the placement of our digital security system, by which it would not invest in rather than devices to implement it. 
Integral Security Services and Surveillance System Intelligent Analysis
Rafael Alatorre
Carolina Chaparro
José Nerio Chavarría
Perla Jazmín Huerta
Gustavo Pozo
Video surveillance digital system for common areas, roads and parking lots.

Automatic vehicle access control using license plate recognition.

Remote Support System.

Intelligent analysis
Because we are interested in your safety...
What is Safetech?
Safetech is a company created to meet the needs of people who require the highest possible digital security.
Safetech is dedicated to provide innovative technologies to everyone.
To implement or improve digital security systems on all levels.
Be a leader supplier of digital security systems distinguished for implementing services of the best quality.
* Team Work
* Innovation
* Open and honest communication
* Commitment and dedication
Video surveillance
The cameras are being monitored in a “video wall” from the control center with the software designed for the application.
Action plans are designed for immediate action in case of any eventuality.
Access Control
License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras and automatic vehicle barriers are installed in any entry and exit lane.
An in and out license plate database is generated.
The LPR camera “reads” the license plate trying to enter or go out and raises or not the barrier, also makes a record of the hour of the event.
Assistance buttons
Assistance buttons are installed strategically placed at facilities.
The buttons are connected directly to the control center to provide remote assistance.
Due to the Mexican people concerns regarding security, the country has led to increasing use of video surveillance and CCTV solutions.
In Mexico, the most important markets for video surveillance are the government, transport, industry, public health and small business.
Size of the market
According to IMS Research, the camera networks world market will be worth 2.5 billion dollar as of 2013.

The country currently has an annual growth of 8% to 10%.

The annual growth for the video surveillance is expected be more than 28% within the next 5 years.
Video cameras are installed in strategic locations at the facilities.
The infrastructure needed is IP-Based.
We intend to use the customer’s existing infrastructure to connect the surveillance system. However, if the customer doesn't have the appropriate infrastructure we can sell and implement it as well.
* Cameras
* Vehicle barrier / Detector
* Video encoder/decoder
* Video management Software
* A dedicated channel for the
surveillance system
Surveillance System
Each entry will have a License Plate Recognition System connected to IP Network
Security personnel will be trained for monitoring the surveillance system.
Risk and Flexibility
Risks (Mandatory)
In Mexico there is no specific legislation to regulate the installation and use of video surveillance systems, so extreme caution is needed in organizations to facilitate as much as possible the coexistence of the security and privacy. There is suspicion among what may be considered violation of privacy and surveillance.
Over-regulation of the surveillance systems in the workplace.
Only in areas where is developed or considered relevant strategic activities (risk).
The use of this systems must be informed to all the staff, in order to avoid situations in which privacy could be violated.
Risks (Financial)
Considerable initial investment (Rent business model)
Most of the infrastructure is imported, which means higher costs.
The equipment is priced in dollars (Any changes in the price of the currency can result in impairment costs and budgets).
Technological obsolescence of the devices used which represents a considerable depreciation of the devices in the short term.
Termination of contracts as cash advances.
Risks (Operational)
The equipment is exposed and vulnerable to climatic changes (rain, wind, lightning, etc).
The surveillance video requires the availability of independent communication channels and robust in terms of safety (also available 24 / 7).
Electrical infrastructure is required capable of supplying 24 / 7
Is required to have qualified personnel available in areas of information technology and security for the maintenance and troubleshooting.
A part of the surveillance infrastructure, is often acquired abroad, which increases the time waiting around to installing them.
Risks (Strategic)
Changes in regulation and laws

Growing number of competitors in the video surveillance industry.

Inequitable distribution of benefits among team members, partners and associates.
(Best case scenario)
Goals and objectives
What do we want to achieve with the proposed innovation?

Viewing this project to be successful, we intend to:
Alternative 1:
Specific benefits, growing the company to a certain level
Alternative 2:
Develop and then lease
When the goal is reached, we will separate us as a company to offer our services in schools, businesses, industrial parks, governments, residential areas, etc.
We will begin renting devices in this way:
Is intended to diversify products.
And non-compete-agreements between us.
In the lease contract will be specified that it must be paid in advance six months, which will be deducted from the last payments of the monthly contract (minimum contract for three years), after termination of the contract, the customer may keep the devices.
Type of Company: LIMITED COMPANY (LTD)
This situation would be beneficial for the school and for us. 
The school would have more security in their installations and we have the opportunity to see if the system is viable. 
The goal is to implement the digital security system in all of the campuses.
This way the risk decreases.
Maturity strategies are proposed for the company, through diversification and investment in research and development.
Intelligent analysis to provide an automatic interpretation of scenes and to understand and predict the actions and interactions of the observed objects based on the information acquired by sensors.
(or Strategic Partners?)
SCD (Security Camera Distribution).
IP-Tec (Security Products).
Net Protector (Security System and Video Surveillance).
Alarmas Guardian
ADT (Security Monitoring).
We take for granted…
What could affect the business…
Pessimistic Scenario
The UAQ allows us to install the prototype
The legislation does not change
There are reliable suppliers
The weather does not affect our infrastructure
We have skilled staff
The UAQ does not allow us the installation
A legislation prohibits the use of this technology
Our supplier leave the market
Adverse weather damage the infrastructure
There are not skilled staff to be hired
A prototype would be installed at UAQ to evaluate its functionality, provide good image to the business and to serve as a demonstration for potential customers .
The investment needed for achieving this will be $300,000 Mexican pesos (provided by the innovation team).
In case we sell a project that needs financial support (due to the size) we chose Alta Ventures Mexico as potential investors since among the areas in which they are more interested to invest, one of them is security.
In that case SafeTech could give until 10% stock.
Intellectual Property
Because we are interested in your safety…
The Brand, Logo and Slogan will be registered at INDAUTOR to protect them.
First, a history search will be done to ensure they are not in use.
Then, the process starts.
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