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The Sopranos

No description

John Fri

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of The Sopranos

Target Audience
Definitely not a TV Show for the whole family to watch. Murder, torture, rape, drugs, nudity and strong language. Targeted for both male and female but for 18+. For people who enjoy a lot of drama and violence.

The form for The Sopranos is usually pretty straight forward and linear. For Example each episode runs around 45 minutes long (sometimes 60 minutes when it’s an important episode). The intro shows Tony driving his car while smoking a cigar (This sequence is famously known for running too long and has on majority been fast forwarded but the even after the first season got complaints about this HBC never changed the formula) Most episodes are usually very linear so the story is being told as you watch. Some episodes go a non-linear approach, with dream sequences, flash backs etc.

As well as violence, blood, gore. The main focus of the Sopranos is the story driven narrative. You can really get to learn and understand the story and characters from the dialogue that drives the narrative. Music also dramatises some of the action and events that happen in the show (a lot of time the directors have chosen not to use music, this is because there intentions are to make the show feel more naturalistic).
For a crime drama it holds a lot of criminal iconography such as Guns, Blood, Money, Police, Drugs etc. The suits and accents are great icons for a Mafia type of show, as well as the slow gangster music that plays when the Characters are gambling or getting up to no good.
The Sub-Genre
The Sopranos is a Crime Drama. It comprises elements of Tony Sopranos life. From his family life, wife and kids. To the darker side of his life, working in organised crime. Murdering, betrayal and the law. Other connotations for a Crime Drama involves Murder, torture, rape, drugs, nudity and strong language, which are all present in the Sopranos as well as being the typical conventions of a Crime Drama.

Like I said in the slide before the show is usually told very linear and straight forward, now and again there might be a cliff hanger in one or two episodes a season but usually they go for the linear approach. Although most of the episodes are pretty straight forward there are a few that take a very different approach in the story telling. Non-linear episode are usually the ones that end a season or start a season. For example the story during the pilot is being told by Tony while he is talking to his therapist, which was a good way of learning the character of Tony Soprano and the surrounding characters. Another Non-linear approach was in a final episode for a season where Tony’s subconscious dreams where giving him subliminal messages about his so-called friend and how he is betraying him. And of course the infamously known ending where the sequence cuts straight to black.

The Sopranos
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