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Macbeth Transformation

This is our English assignment ..!

Kiarra Liegh Ohlsen

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Macbeth Transformation

By Kiarra :) Macbeth Transformation In my version of Macbeth is going to take place at an average high school in America! Setting & Theme Macbeth is going to be played by a year 10 boy; Brady, who is a bit of a nerd.
Lady Macbeth is played by Lucy, Brady's girlfriend.
King Duncan is played by Duncan; runs cool kid group.
Banquo is played by Kris, Brady's best friend.
Fleance is now played by Dean, Kris's little brother. Brady wants to be one of the "cool" boys that sit in a big group near the canteen. These boys think they are the bomb and somehow get all the girls. Duncan is the main guy in this group and Brady is very jealous of him.
Kris in the end of the story becomes suspicious of Brady then gets murdered.
Dean also gets murdered after he confronts Brady about Kris's death.Lucy wants Brady to become popular and run the popular seats near the canteen. Brady has a shy side and has trouble agreeing with Lucy.
Duncan keeps teasing Kris and Brady continually and Brady gets mad.
Some of Kris and Brady's peers tell them they should do something about it and tell Brady he would be a better football player then Duncan could ever be. So later that day Brady makes a plan with Lucy to some how get rid of Duncan before the football try outs start. The only thing Lucy could come up with is to kill him and play it out as an accident. The Story The next day Lucy plans to have a party at her house on Friday and invites Duncan. She told Brady not to worry about anything until Duncan is dead but that he would have to play it out like she had told him.

Lucy spikes Duncan's drink. Duncan soon starts falling over things and is making a fool in front of his friends so Lucy tells them that she will take him to a bed up stairs where he can sleep. Brady and Kris help her.

Saturday morning came and there is screaming coming from up stairs. It was Kris's little brother Dean. Everyone runs up there to find Duncan dead on the bed.
Brady runs out crying and starts to freak out saying it was his fault. Lucy quickly drives him home and reminds him not to worry. Continued... After Brady's episode Kris become suspicious of Brady but he just brushes it off. Later that week football tryouts start and Brady wins the position of quarterback. This is a popular position and the same position Duncan used to play.
When Lucy becomes aware of Bradys success she is excited because now they can sit at the popular tables.
Lucy works out that their friends are starting to favor Kris over Brady and becomes concerned. So she kills him in a fake car accident without telling Brady. She hadn't realized Dean was in the car with him and Dean is now convinced she is a murderer and quickly works out that Lucy also killed Duncan. Continued... Brady goes back to his "geek" mates and they tell him that he Continued... He goes to find Lucy but she wasn't at her house. Lucy's mum had told him that Lucy got mad saying she couldn't cope with it and was going to find Dean at some party. By the time Brady gets there the cops are there already and Lucy had been arrested. Brady then tried to run but the cops grabbed him to for murder of Duncan. Turns out Dean had worked out everything and had secretly had the cops working everything out. Later that year Lucy had committed suicide in gaol and not long after
Brady did the same. is indestructible. This goes to his head but also reminds him of the murder he had committed, but then wonders how much of a coincidence it had been that Kris had died. Brady & Lucy <3 Cocky Jocks (Cool Group) Lucy in Gaol (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Thoughts... My thoughts on my recreation of Macbeth was just to keep the main ideas and morals but make it more modern.
I was trying to make teenagers interested which was pretty hard but by creating it in an environment they could relate to I think it helps them understand it a lot better.
I didn't originally want to keep suicide in this re-make but in the end I did because this was I think it still reminds you of the original Macbeth that's harsh and cruel.
I did this by leaving Lucy as manipulating and still being selfish in the act of wanting power and wanting Brady to have power as well.
In Macbeth's time they fought over the power to be King but in modern times we don't have a King so I transformed it to a power that teenagers could relate to. By creating it in a High School scene its something that most if not all teenagers could relate and connect with somehow.

By Kiarra :)
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