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Nikki Giovanni

poetry project

Mark Ademisoye

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Nikki Giovanni

Nikki Giovanni Biography Who are they? Where are they from? Nikki Giovanni was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, and grew up in Lincoln Heights, an all-black suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio, but only after moving there when she was 2 months old. What are their accomplishments? Ford grant, 1968; National Endowment for the Arts grant, 1969; Harlem Cultural Council grant, 1969; outstanding achievement award, Mademoiselle,1971; Omega Psi Phi Fraternity award, 1972, for Truth Is on Its Way; Ohioana Book award, 1988; Jeanine Rae Award for the Advancement of Women's Culture, 1995; Langston Hughes award, 1996; Parents' Choice Award for The Sun Is So Quiet, 1996; NAACP Image Award for Love Poems, 1998; inducted into Literary Hall of Fame for Writers of African Descent; is just naming a few of her awards. When were they alive? Born June 7, 1943 and alive to this this very second I am speaking to you. Why are they relevant? A major part of her publications was written to condemn the assassinations of Sir. Martin Luther King Jr., President J.F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Medgar Evers, and Malcolm X. Most of her books had the word “Black” in common. Black Feeling, Black Talk (1967),Black Judgment (1968) There were other titles too and they all talked about the calamities of racism. She was the new African American voice that was roaring on top of the media and literature, to help the society in getting rid of racial slurs. Bibliography What is their biggest contribution to poetry? Giovanni offered exposure for other African-American women writers through NikTom, Ltd., a publishing cooperative she founded in 1970. Gwendolyn Brooks, Margaret Walker, Carolyn Rodgers, and Mari Evans were among those who benefited from Giovanni’s work. Travels to other parts of the world, including the Caribbean, also filled much of the poet’s time and contributed to the evolution of her work. So in a summary she introduced others to the world of poetry. Historical Data Bay of Pigs Invasion (Cuba); JFK gives his, ”Man on the Moon,” speech; Cuban Missile Crisis; 1st woman in space; 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing; JFK Assassinated; MLK “I Have a Dream” Speech; Mao Zedong launches Cultural Revolution; Three U.S. Astronauts Killed During Simulated Launch; U.S. Pulls Out of Vietnam; Soviet Union breaks up; President Nixon resigns; 1st Man on moon Nikki Giovanni, born Yolande Cornelia Giovanni Jr. to Yolande Cornelia, Sr., Jones "Gus" Giovanni is an American poet, essayist, children's author, and editor. What was happening in the world? What places and colleges did your poet attend or visit? Nikki attended Fisk University,from which she was expelled from then readmitted. The University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Work,from which she dropped out from. Columbia University’s School of Fine Arts, and the University of Cincinnati. What are some common themes that they write about? Her poems themes have spanned from childhood and family to sexuality, love and sex, anger and grief, race such as racism, politics, and even violence. MLK; the Cuban Missile Crisis; MLK being assassinated; the 16th Street Baptist Church being bombed; and the 1st woman in space; Soviet Union Breaks up What were the most important years of your poet's life? Nikki Giovanni published most of her poems and other works in the 1990’s. She published Love Poems, The Genie in the Jar, and Knoxville, Tennessee. These major events easily affect peoples' hearts, and artists including poets would probably feel the need to express themselves about how they feel. There are many articles about Nikki attending Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations and speaking about him and what he stood for. She said that MLK was not only to be admired for his eloquence, but for his outstanding courage. Nikki Giovanni’s poem Knoxville, Tennessee brings out the joys of the possible summer activities you could do. What historic events may have influenced their writing? Why are these events relevant? How might their writing have influenced events going in their world? Figurative language What specific poems have examples of figurative language? -Quilts
-Things That Go Together
-Summer Love Poem
-That Day
-Love Is What type of figurative language does the poet use regularly? Nikki uses lots of personification, repetition, and alliteration in almost all of her poems. Why do you think that they chose these forms of figurative language in their writing? I think these types of figurative language help express her deep, soulful thoughts and they assist in getting her vision across to her readers. What seems to be their favorite form of poetry? Most of Nikki’s poems are free verse. They express her love towards different things very descriptively, in her own style. What are some common themes to poet writes about? Nikki Giovanni enjoys descriptively writing about making love to her many boyfriends; she never actually got married. She is also very inspired by her hometown, Knoxville, Tennessee, and all the beautiful sights it has to offer. Other common themes in her pieces include her childhood life and family.
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