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Ecuador- Geography Project

By: Alejandra G., Veronica P., Monique S., and Sebastian R.

Monique Stigter

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Ecuador- Geography Project

Deforestation: Since the early 1970’s about 30% of the Ecuadorian Amazon has been deforested and/or polluted and entire indigenous cultures have been placed in danger of extinction as a result of the deforestation and oil industry.
Shrimp Industry: Over 70% of the coastal mangroves have been eliminated by the shrimp industry. GOVERNMENT & ECONOMY Capital: Quito
Imports: Industrial Materials, fuels and lubricants, and non durable consumer goods.
Exports: Petroleum, Bananas, cut flowers, shrimp, cacao, coffee, wood and fish.
Main Types of Industries: Petroleum is the main type of industry Ecuador has because over the crises on petroleum. Also, they are the major exporters in bananas. FUTURE PREDICTIONS Culture Population Statistics Population:

15,223,680 Birth rate:

19.6 births/1,000 population Net migration rate:

-0.39 migrant(s)/1,000 population Death rate:

5.01 deaths/1,000 population Major cities - population:

Guayaquil 2.634 million;
QUITO (capital) 1.801 million Music Ecuador is known for a style of
music called "Andean Blues,"
which is melancholic, beautiful,
and talks about the hardships
of the poor and protests social injustice. Pasillo is a genre of indigenous
Latin music. In Ecuador it
is the "national genre of music." Religion
Roman Catholic 95%, other 5% Language Spanish Food The most basic, abundant prepared food is soup, with many variations according to region and ingredients Traditions On New Years Eve it is traditional to dress as clowns so that one may greet the New Year in a happy spirit. Another tradition is to make a dummy and to burn it as a reminder of the ending of the old year and the beginning of the New. Political Issues:
-Had a banking crisis and their GDP lowered by 5.3%.
-The 3 last popularly elected presidents did not complete their terms.
-The Ecuador- Columbia- Venezuela crises where President Correa´s was accused of receiving donations from the FARCs. Touristic Spots
- Galapagos Island
-Nariz del Diablo
- Otovalo Market
- La Compañia, Quito Ecuador is one of the most famous countries because of its location in the Equator. It's economy will be stable because of the tourism and the abundant money it receives for exporting their resources. Their government will be in crisis because of its lack of order and no one is doing a good job with conserving their title as leaders. There will be no increase in deforestation and the shrimp industry could eliminate about 5% more of the mangroves in need of exporting this product. Area: 283, 561 square kilometers
- Mount Chimborazo
- Galapagos Island
- Cotopaxi
Natural Resources:
- Petroleum
- Fish
- Timber
- Hydropower
- Tropical; colder in higher elevations
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