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No description

Gretchen Hook

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Surprise

August 29, 2009
January 6, 2010 maryland state fair It wouldn't be called love if it didn't mean forever
realistically, i might not love you
the rest of our lives
but when i say i love you,
i mean
forever (for now) jumping for joy look it's our boat! one day..... one day, we're going to do some pretty awesome things, like
take a road trip along all of route 50. Here are all the states we'll see along the way: virginia, west virginia, ohio, indiana, illinois, missouri, kansas, colorado, utah, nevada, and california. i've only ever been to virginia and west virginia. maybe you've been to more.
maybe we can go to vegas! and see old faithful. i can be the ultimate tourist. and you can just pretend like you belong. look, it's my ultimate dream! i think we should go there too,
in case you can't tell and your ultimate dream! its venice, but its supposed to signify all of italy
(i wouldn't mind going there either) whoa, i think we've been there enough
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