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Social Media

how and why to integrate it into the business world

Stacy Kostyk

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Social Media

Social Networking: The new tool
for businesses to "branch out" Presented by Jonna Contacos-Sawyer An online platform and communication tool for people to connect, share information, and build personal and professional relationships. What is Social Networking? 209% increase
96% of people aged 18-35
Facebook= 850+ million
LinkedIn = 150+ million
Twitter= 107+ million
"...an index to your company" (Safko, The Social Media Bible)
"...a business watering hole" (Safko, The Social Media Bible) Why Social Networking? Steps to Integrate Social Media Developing a Strategy 1. Develop a strategy
2. Choose the best-fit site
3. Develop your profile
4. Engage and maintain Choosing a Site Consider this: What are your company's needs?
What will you use the site for?
Whose attention are you trying to
Who will manage the site? Developing a Profile Be Sure To: Keep it professional
Company logo as profile picture
Provide useful information about company and services
Have benefits & rewards for those following you
Include company website link Engage and Maintain Remember! Choose a site that best suits your company and it's needs
Quality NOT Quantity
3 basic categories of social sites
1. "free-for-all"
2. "Professional"
3. "Industry Specific" Be Careful! Get a little personal...but not TOO personal
Feel free to share photos, videos, articles and more... but not of parties or irrelevant materials
Control privacy settings... but don't be a bore, keep it lively and full of personality Stay Active--it keeps followers aware of your presence
Get people talking- start a conversation
Interact and Respond in a human way
Answer questions and ask your own, too Join relevant groups
"Like" and share others' content- they'll do it for you in return!
Update content regularly
Mix it up- links to external content, video here, article or story there, job opportunity postings Here are a few Examples! Upload a "Day in the Life" video
Here is Google's Provide Rewards Carmex's "City Sticks Giveaway"
Enter to win by liking and sharing the
contest page ...and BENEFIT from it! 1.Recruitment/Selection
2. Employer Branding
3. Organizational Learning
4. Business Communication
5. Promoting/Advertising
Take a look Recruitment & Selection 98% of recruiters say they turn to LinkedIn to find and/or contact top candidates (onlinedegrees.com)
Recruiters can target specific skill sets
Posting job openings multiplies the search by thousands
Allows you to reach out to passive candidates
Gain insights to candidates'/employees' personalities and behaviors
Verify resumes
Zone in on best candidates for FREE Employer Branding "The key to combining social media with your employer brand is about creating an atmosphere which resonates with the RIGHT PEOPLE" ( )
Consistency and Positivity
Don't be a preacher or salesperson
An opportunity to attract consumers/clients/ candidates
Thank your followers
Connect with people and let them comment, give opinions, and be a PART of your company
Being active and interacting with followers helps build trust
It's not what you say the company/product is, it's what others say! Organizational Learning "...process by which organizations improve their performance... require that the organization anticipates and attends to feedback, creates knowledge from that feedback, and takes action based on that knowledge." (Jones, NASA Ames Research Center)
"Social networks also form a resource for collaborative knowledge management: the creation, exchange, and transformation of knowledge" (Jones)
Social networking sites allow organizations and experts to connect and share ideas and information
Captures expertise, culture, teamwork and builds communities! Business Communication EVERYONE communicates online!
Social media=mainstream, forcing businesses to adopt new communication methods
In order to be effective, it needs to be done right
When in doubt, ask questions!
Give clients/customers/employees an opportunity to give feedback
LISTEN to what people are saying about you and telling you Promoting & Advertising Don't be a pushy salesperson: it's a SOCIAL network, not a BUSINESS network
Include discounts
Provide benefits--make people feel they need to participate in the promotion
Talk about new and different features
Don't violate your followers' expectations (saying you're going to do something then not do it or do something else) Success Stories! NOVO NORDISK: Healthcare Company Recruitment strategy initiatives:
Shift from traditional advertisement to social media communication using employees as ambassadors
Created Facebook page, Twitter account, and company blog
Blog includes current and former graduates who share their experiences
Twitter account managed with tweets about general news on the company
Facebook used to spread company's name
Transparency and credibility created
Applicants for Graduate Program have tripled since 2008--more than 3500 applications from 92 countries
KPI reached VETS NOW Goal:
Engage internal stakeholders
Increase communication and engagement among employees
Increase organizational learning
Sell training courses and recruit staff
Created VETECC.com, an online community platform
Managed by experienced veterinary practitioner
Launched weekly e-news
924 members
60% of staff on VETECC at least once a day
95% of staff on site at least once a week-engaging in organizational learning
10 different job applicants in 3 months=projected ROI of 21,000 per year
E-news saves about $14,500/year
Became a training resource for employees and a best practice platform So what are you waiting for?
Branch out and integrate social media into your marketing strategy today! Here's an idea of how much your brand is effected by a single user Not convinced of it's impact?
Check this out.
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