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The Business Plan

No description

Tanvi Bangia

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of The Business Plan

The Target Market
The Marketing Plan
The competition
The Business Idea
Banked by ICICI
Forces Influencing ICICI Bank in rural areas
Vendors, suppliers of IT, HR, services etc

A new angle -- Agro Tourism

6.23% - GDP Contribution

10.1% - Annual Growth Rate in India

US$ 275.5 billion expected by 2018

SWOT Analysis
1. Multiplier Effect
2. Pioneer to take up agro-tourism FI model.
3. Mutually beneficial model
4. Maximum benefit to all stakeholders.

1. Indian tourism industry is growing @10.1%
2. May generate incomes to a great extent.

3. Make villages a potential buyer of several financial services of the bank.

4. Several Pilot Projects could be launched in specific rural areas.
1. Other Banks may copy this FI model.
2. Several tourist companies could adapt their own growth plans.
1. Lack of awareness
2. Poor Infrastructure
3. Initial Investment
Group of villages

> multiple cropping pattern

> Diverse Crop Cultivation

Travel companies - eg: Expedia.com, Booking.com, makemytrip.com

Pilot area - Sinnar District, Nashik, Maharashtra

Already existing and established financial players.

Lack of trust and connect, especially- 'emotional connect'

Income-Savings Issue

Convenience Issue

Providing institutional credit to the rural poor

Industry Analysis
147 million
89 million
New entrants
Promoting Inclusive Growth
Opportunity Spaces
Agro- Tourism
Strategic Alliance with Corporates
Mobile Money
Current Challenges
How we may develop cost
effective ways to cater to the
needs of customers in an
unbanked area?

Team A3
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