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Preparing for "Return to China"

No description

Neil Armstrong

on 10 August 2017

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Transcript of Preparing for "Return to China"

From the employers perspective
Take the perspective of the employer, what is important to them?

Understand more about the job roles that interest you.

Examine what skills, knowledge, relevant experience and personal attitudes are required for the job roles.

A helpful approach is to look at a range of current roles on the market and find common trends in knowledge, skills, experience and attitudes required. This will enable you to improve the tailoring of your CV.
Your Durham Experience
During your time in Durham, what knowledge have you acquired that will be useful to future employers?

Ask yourself what modules and learning will be useful to a future employer?

Consider how your international experience can be of value.

What skills and knowledge have you improved and how could this be useful to a future employer?

Hard & Soft Skills
Your CV
Bring your CV along to the event and make sure you have your local contact details.

Ensure your CV tells a story of why you would be a relevant employee.

Your CV should clearly communicate your experience, individual and team impact, hard and soft skills, individual knowledge and personal characteristics.

You can help yourself by using content on abintegro www.abintegro.com/signin/durham

Great CV Example
Know the business
Prior to event we will let you know who the companies attending will be.

It is then up to you to research the companies and understand more about them. Feedback from the last event was more of this needs to be done So make sure you put effort into this area, prior to
attending the event.

Please use the example to help you.
On the day
Meet, greet and engage

Be enthusiastic, be interested, be motivated, be yourself.

Introduce yourself, highlight your background reading on the company and their roles and communicate the aspects which really appeal to you.

Follow up with questions you want to ask. This is a more effective way of building a relationship and developing a conversation.

Remember - You do not have to secure the job at this point. You do need to focus on acquiring another meeting or moving to the next stage of the recruitment process. Aim to get contact details if you can.

Professional Behaviour
Be friendly, pleasent, polite and respectful.

Deliver the most positive impression you can. How would you like the person to think of you when you leave?

Be helpful and enthusiastic, assist the employer to get to know and understand you better.

Wear business dress, be smart and have attention to detail in your personal appearance.
Start your career
Return to China
Your Exclusive Durham University Business School Event

Being prepared
It is desirable to demonstrate a combination of hard and soft skills
Hard Skills - specific to job

Analysing information
Planning activities
Using database software
Language skills
Project management
Managing social media
Report writing

Soft Skills - Transferable across roles

Time Management
Problem solving

Which hard and soft skills have you demonstrated?
Make sure the CV your bring to the event is in English and Chinese. Please see the examples as guides

A max of 2 pages for your
English and Chinese CV.

4 pages in total.

Put your name on each page.

Put your English CV first and have a
photo on either your English or
Mandarin CV.

One to Ones - On the Day
Task - Analyse your own hard and soft skills, communicate them in your CV and understand how you have demonstrated them as you may be required to communicate this on the day.
If selected for a one to one please be advised it is a formal conversation but not necessarily part of the recruitment process.

The one to one is an opportunity to impress the employer, so, the research you have undertaken on the company will also be vital.

Your personal preparation will also be key, particularly identifying and relating skills, knowledge and experiences to situations you have encountered. Think about examples in the lead up to the event.

Visualise a successful outcome, consider what will go well and how a successful performance will make you feel.

Be aware of your strengths and visualise how your strengths will make a difference to the employer.

For more information - visit abintegro, resources interviews for a wide range of videos and articles. www.abintegro.com/signin/durham

Don't worry if you do not secure a one to one prior to the event. You can still promote yourself during the Career Fair.

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