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No description

abbie napier

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Bahamas

You can go swimming
with dolphins in the Bahamas! When you are swimming
in the ocean you will find sea turtles! This is the bahamas
stamps! This is the Queens
Staircase in Nassau! ACCOMADATIONS! ARTS AND CULTURE! On some holidays, people
from the Bahamas will dress up!
Here is a festive outfit! This is an outfit
that the Bahamian People
would were on Emancipation Day!
Bahama Burn out is a
band that plays every emancipatcion day
The Bahamas has some
of the same food we have! This is some of the
Bahamas National food!
The Bahamas is none
for there Citrus fruits!
FOOD! This fish is something
the people would eat on
holidays! Sir milo butler was voted
govenor general in the Bahamas WELCOME TO THE BAHAMAS! In the Bahamas You can swim in the ocean! OUTDOOR RECREATION! You can go hiking in the
Bahamas to see some historic sites!
This is were the
goverment business takes
place!This building has been
there for 100 years!
A glass bottom boat
is when You can see the Sea
life through the bottom of the boat! deep sea fishng is one of
the bahamas favorite activities! BY ABBIE NAPIER!!

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