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The Fang Tribe

No description

sherry davis

on 27 January 2012

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Transcript of The Fang Tribe

The Fang Tribe location and population they are in southern
gabon,cameroon Africa population: 800,000 they make
up about 40% of gabon est: 17th century or earlier Food they eat fish, crops, and hunted.
their main crops are manioc,corn,
banana and oil palm.
they hunted all kinds of animals
even elephants, they also practice
Art they are best known for their masks,
which they have 3 classes of.
They believe the masks had the
power to heal, protect and
communicate with the great beyond. Literature All of their literature was passed down
orally, keeping their customs, beliefs,
and symbols to memory Language and religion language: they speak their own language which is fang, There are many different variants of Fang in Gabon and Cameroon.Those in the northern part of Rio Muni speak Fang-Ntumu, while those in the south speak Fang-Okah; the two dialects have differences but are mutually intelligible. Dialects of Fang are also spoken in parts of neighboring Cameroon (Bulu) and Gabon. These dialects, while still intelligible, are more distinct
Religion: The Fangs believe in a god, called Mebe'e, who created the world and all living creatures, but, disgusted with the evilness of his creation.Each person considers his/her life is determined by the influence of the spirits of the ancestors. The focus of the cult in times is the bieri, a box made of tree bark in which they preserved the bones of an important person, and over which they placed a figurine representing his spirit. This figurine and the masks used during the ritual dances represented Their bodies were decorated with tattooed and scarification symbols as well as adorned with jewelery, ornaments and headdresses, that linked the living to the dead. These symbols were present in their homes in the form of drawings and paintings, on their weaponry as well as on their sculpture. Male/Female Roles The Fang men are mainly hunters, while the women
are in charge of farming,men only do agricultural
tasks requiring power, like burning new forest patches
and plowing and clearing them for new plots.
The Fang people practice polygamy, and each wife
lives in an their own hut with her sons under the strong rule of the husband, his male relatives, the members of his clan and her mother in law. The women farms the fields of the husband by having more wives, the men has more work power. Women also take care of and educate the children, fix the huts, make ceramics, raffia fabrics and fishing nets.
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clothing Very little clothing was worn. The men wore a
bark waistcloth and the women wore a plantain
girdle and sometimes a bustle of dried grass.
The chief got a leopard skin that covered his
shoulders. Both had tattoos on their bodies
and a delight of ornaments on them too.
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