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Zoo Nullification

No description

Jeromy Lundblade

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Zoo Nullification

Zoos have lots of problems that can easily be fixed with a few small changes. Although some of the problems are major I believe it will be easy enough to make more regulations regarding the well being of an animal. “
So far as animals are concerned it matters not what we think or feel but what we do
.” (Webster 1994) We have to show the animals that we can do better.

My Solution
I believe that it is possible to make zoos a place where an animal would enjoy living at. If zoos would focus more on the well being of their animals than their income, it might help animals from these issues. Those little changes such as more interactions and strategies to keep the animals busy can make a huge difference to them. It doesn’t have to cost more money to have the employees interact with them more often than they do. Maybe rather than 3 times a day, they could change it to 5 times. The zoo inspectors could also crack down on more restrictions to how animals are treated and fed. There are plenty of restrictions, but they aren’t enforced very strictly. For example the Woburn Safari Park was not shut down for the killing of monkeys. This is my solution to the problem.

Some Solutions
A student from the University of Edinburgh had proposed a few solutions to this problem. Rather than getting completely rid of zoos, maybe fix some of the problems with them. Animals need to feel that they are in control and need to have a choice. Also There should be constant human and animal interaction, the animals need to trust the humans and vise versa. The person that is in charge of their specific animal should have full knowledge and skills while interacting with it.This would definitely be harder for zoos to ensure because it would be difficult to find a specialist on each type of animal. To keep animals from getting bored, we should introduce new feeding strategies such as puzzle feeders, enrichment and seasonal availability of food. We also need to ensure that the animals are receiving a good quality of life worth living. The animals need to serve a purpose more than just living in a cage. These are some solutions to making zoos a better place to keep animals.

Zoos have been around since the 1750’s and most have done more harm than good to animals and species. Animals are being treated as if they are prisoners, locked in cages for most of their life. They are still being taken from the wild. “We have created a society where children believe that it is okay to keep animals captive for our entertainment,” said Doris Lin - the animal rights attorney of New Jersey. A study has been shown that elephants do not live as long in captivity as they do in the wild. After being in captivity for a couple of years animals get Abnormal Repetitive Behavior which is seen as head bobbing, swaying side to side, and sitting still for long periods of time. In 2009 at the Woburn Safari Park in England admitted to killing excess monkeys due to the fact that they costed too much to feed. These are definitely some problems that should be fixed before we can keep animals captive for educational purposes.

Zoo Nullification
Freedom, that is such a strong word we use so lightly. We believe in it so much, but are also hypocrites about it. If you go to any zoo, you will see hundreds of animals locked in cages. Not only are they locked up, but they are also not being treated correctly. Innocent animals deserve to live free from a cage. Most zoos aren’t doing anything about these issues either. There are some simple solutions that could increase the animals’ well being, that aren't being addressed. This is the problem with zoos all over the world.
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