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Leen A 63 RTMS

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of Earthquakes

By: Leen, Shiza, Misaki
An earthquake is a sudden movement of the ground that causes a lot of damage.
What Is An Earthquake?

Earthquakes start when:
The earth's core releases energy

When the result of movement within the earth's crust or volcanic action.
How Does An Earthquake Occur?

Earthquakes can cause:

1. Tsunamis 6. Avalanches
2. Damage electrical power 7. Volcanic Eruptions
3. Floods 8. Collapses of buildings
4. Injuries and Deaths
5. Landslides

What Damage Can An Earthquake Cause?
PSC (Public Service Commission)
UNICEF (United Nations International Children Emergency Fund)
CRC (Canadian Red Cross)
PC (Plan Canada)
CC (Care Canada)
DART (Disaster Assistance Response Team)

These are only some, but there are many more organizations involved.

They cause breaking and moving of large places/sections.
Organizations Involved With
What Is Canada's Role Of Helping Other Countries?

Is Canada A Good Global
Canada's role of helping other countries during disasters is to send people (organizations), medical kits, food, water, shelter and donating money.

The Organizations Roles
Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SKIRT):

Team of organizations and companies that rebuild roads, fresh water, waste water and storm water networks.

a good global partner because Canada helps other countries as much as possible. They have the DART going in and helping, they are sending medical kits/equipments. But there are also many other organizations which we said in the other slide that are also doing there best. Canada is also raising many charities and funds to help out. We think that Canada is doing a lot to help with earthquakes and that it is a global partner!
Building and Housing:

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment's 'Building and Housing Group.
Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA):

To promote energy efficiency, conservation, and the use of renewable energy resources.

This Is What You Should Do During An Earthquake
What Scientists & Engineers Say About Earthquakes
1. Engineers say it's not the earthquake that kills it is the damage it causes.
2. Some scientists believe that animals give clues to earthquakes.

3. Scientist cannot completely predict earthquakes.

4. Sometimes, even when scientist are almost 100% sure that they will come, they don't.
Top 5 Earthquakes
Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA):

An agency established by the government to help the earthquake recovery effort.

Earthquakes + Volcanoes
These are only some of the organizations roles, but there are more organizations and more roles.
Earthquakes and volcanoes are both along the edges of tectonic plates.
Most earthquakes are caused when plates interact.
Some earthquakes are related to volcanoes.

Canadians feel that it is important to help other people who can't help themselves.
Thank you for

Location Magnitude Date Deaths

Southern 9.5 May 22nd, 1655
Chile 1960

Alaska, 9.2 Mar 28th, 131
USA 1964

Northern 9.1 Dec 26th, 227 898
Sumatra, 2004

North Coast 9.0 Mar 11th, 15 891
of Japan 2011

Kamchatka, 8.9 - 9.0 Nov 4th 10 000
Russia 1952

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