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One of Six Life Skills Children Need

Tessa Martz

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of Attachment

Attachment Children who have healthy
relationship with adults:

1. Look to them for love and affection
2. Depend on them for safety and security
3. Count on them for knowledge, wisdom, and guidance
4. Accept their help and comfort Any close, ongoing
relationship that the child
has with one or more adults inside and outside
the home To strengthen attachment with children... 1. Get to know the children well
-This can best be done through back-and-forth conversations. 2. Interact with affection
-Its not about what educators DO but HOW. Which makes the difference between helpful and hurtful. 3. Recognize "insides"
-Emphasize character traits in dialogue with children, especially when greeting them in the morning. Safety is fundamental to attachment
Mean what you say, and
say what you mean. Children depend on KIND yet FIRM adults Absent Note
-When absent, write a note to
the class explaining that you will be back and that the substitute will take care of them. Also have the substitute post the note at child eye level so they can reference it throughout the day. Guiding Children Help children recover from their mistakes

When guiding move close, get to eye level, and speak quietly Use the word "come" and not "go". It makes
the situation expected not forced. Large-group time should be once to twice
daily for 15 minutes at most. Classroom Actvities Sportscasting: imagine self as an announcer who is reporting a big event

Rest Time: use a singsong voice and chant things that the child did or learned throughout their day as well as rubbing/patting their back to the rhythm Children who have not had warm
playful experiences are drawn to
adult-baby interactions. Baby Games
Tickle Bug
This Little Pig
One, Two, Three JUMP Nuturing Activities
Lotion Table
Nail Painting
Owie table
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