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Solar Energy

No description

silsla seddiqi

on 31 August 2014

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Transcript of Solar Energy

Our beloved plant is dying, and soon no living creature known on this plant will be, no more. Who brought this amongst us? Its a very simple explanation. Humans.
Afternoon to all of the Federal Government and former Prime Minister, I am standing here today to talk, explain and show you all a new source of energy, which could potentially save not only Australia, but the world even.This is no other then Solar Energy.
How do we get this energy?
Will it really help Australia?
How much will it cost to implement this?
The cost depends on how big you would like your system to be. But installing solar panels are around the prices of $3,000 - $10,000 and the price increases by the amount of Kilowatts you would like.
How to advertise transport
Here are different paper saving ways to promote solar powered transport to the town:
Banners -
Banners are a fantastic way to promote things on, not only are they big, but they will capture people's eyes incredibly quick.
Flyers -
How many people do you see on the street giving out flyers to people to promote their products? This is, not only a great way to grab their attention, but a good way to interact with the people, and will give them a chance to explain to them, how solar powered transport can change their lives.
Solar Energy
By: Silsla Seddiqi

I am absolutely, definitely sure that this source of energy will help Australia. For Australia is known for its famous sun, people from all around the world come for this reason. Which makes Australia a good country to develop its plans for solar energy in the future.
Solar energy is, energy, which is produced from the sun, this is in the form of radiation and heat. This source of energy is renewable and environmental friendly. Which makes solar electricity possible for everybody
How long does it take to install solar panels?
Like the cost, it depends on how big or small the solar system is, if by chance your roof has no problems, then it will only take a couple of weeks for the whole process.
For the final and actual installation a 2-4 KW will take about 2 day, but houses with some complications and difficulties, it will take longer.
At the end, the solar panels will last up to 25 years, which is worth, while the wait and the cost.
Building ideas
Now for those people who can afford or want to buy something expensive, these are new types of buildings and materials created by solar panels or created to absorb heat like solar panels

Flat pack solar panelled buildings created by an Australian company designed for solar energy. Engineered to stand during tough cyclones. The buildings frame is made from extruded aluminium, steel walls and modular roof. The roof has a capacity of 1.5 KW of solar panels (small buildings) 4.8 KW for large buildings.
Now, these buildings are becoming popular, for schools and other things, an outstanding way to help schools and the environment at once.
Here is a video how they create the buildings.
Solar Windows
What if a company designed windows to be a solar panel as well?
Pythagoras solar, a company, have designed a photovoltaic glass, which is a transparent solar panel, which also works for creating electricity from the sun, providing power for the building. Isn't this a magnificent invention?
Interlocking roof system
The company Tracite, designed a system which utilities interlocking tiles, they weigh less than 25% of standard concrete roof tiles. This system combines solar panels and tiles into one, which achieved them an award for a sustainability design award in 2013. So you know that, they are a very trustworthy group, who are confident in their work, which means it will, be brilliant for our town.
The total cost altogether with the renewable materials and expensive materials are around $2 billion.
These were just a few of the impressive new designs created by architectures, inventors and renewable materials, which I highly believe, that these materials and buildings will bring a better future not only us, but the future generation as well.
Don't you agree?
Here is a diagram that shows how solar panels work
"Logic will take you from A to b. Imagination will take you everywhere"
- Albert Einstein
: We can go to houses and explain to them how solar energy and solar powered transport, can really make a difference in their lives, not only by saving the environment, but how they are saving money at the same time.
Billboard ads -
Billboards are huge and if we put an advertisement it will definitely capture many eyes and interest many people into thinking of, Yeah solar powered transport is an excellent idea.
This could really give people a chance to think, that solar powered transport can really be the next huge thing that Australia and the world are waiting for to be discovered.
Ever wondered, do we really need all these glass, steel and metal?
Have you ever wondered that maybe natural things or renewable things could be handy?
Here are some renewable materials that can create things we need.
It is used in many different ways, mainly in art. But have you noticed that, clay can also be used for bricks. Mixed with water or other fibres and sculpted into rectangular prisms it can easily transform into bricks, why need cement when you can use clay and water instead. It will absorb the heat from the outside, but the inside will be much cooler.
Rocks can be found anywhere in the world. And at the same time, rocks can preserve heat which is a great way to lower energy costs and can also keep your home cooler in the inside, no need for an air con anymore! It will give your home a unique touch, so it would be decorative and energy efficient at once.
There are loads of sand in Australia, so finding sand will not be a problem. Just like clay, sand and water can be mixed and sculpted into bricks as well. Which will also preserve the heat from the outside but inside will be nice and cool in a hot, stinky day.
These are just some of the ideas that people still use even though there are heaps more that not even a list can fit! Here are some examples of the following materials. 1st one is clay, 2nd is sand and 3rd and 4th are rocks and stones.
Benefits: Why is my proposal good for the environment?
Solar energy, is a renewable source and does not harm the environment. Already many countries are using solar panels to produce their heat and electricity and is spreading quickly throughout the world. By using solar panels it's like we're planting another 5,320 Trees and taking off 121 cars off the road. Now this is called saving the world!
Solar power does not create pollution, meaning it will not harm the atmosphere around us or the ozone layer. It also helps to make Australia more energy independent, then on focusing more on gas and oil. When solar energy can or will mostly become Australia's, brightest future yet.
My job is to find a better solution, that all of our town can be happy and to make life easier for us. Not to create something out of thin air and lie to you all that it works. My reasons for the PM to choose and agree with me for solar power are, It is a renewable source of energy, which will never run out. If the Australian federal Government and PM, work and corporate with me we can truly create solar powered transport, for everyday use, which could eventually become free of cost for people, because energy will be much cheaper. Instead of using metal, steel and other things which are not renewable, we can create our homes, by basic things which are renewable and use some of the latest technology. By giving me this money, just think about how much money you will save, by simply introducing this source and how much you will be helping the world, and helping OUR FUTURE!
Why should you give me the money for this?
Evidence/Proof of countries using solar energy.
Here I will show you the top 5 countries, who are already using solar energy and how much Megawatts they are using.
1. Germany (9,785 MW)

2. Spain (3,386 MW)
3. Japan (2,633 MW)
4. United States (1,650 MW)
5. Italy (1,167 MW)
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Thank You!
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