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Career Genogram

Family career tree

Jorden Jessup

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Career Genogram

Career Genogram My father worked as a union worker, went to school to be an electrician then became a successful home builder and developer. My mother worked for the public Utility District for home builders and then decided to work for my father and keep books for him while having the other half of the day to be a stay at home mom. My grandmother Shiela Hull (mom's mother) worked as a beautician cutting hair and after having children went to a stay at home mom until they got a little older and then got a job managing David Rodstol Inc. My grandfather Ben Hull(mother's father) is a very decorated man with his working services. He was in the Navy and then went to college and went into working for Navel Intelligence (NCIS) and into the Forest Service as a fire detective. My nonnie Norma Jessup (dad's mother) is a very driven women and has always done everything it took to make sure there was food on the table. She has drove school buses for the handicap children, packed fruit, was a waitress, and sold Avon. She now works as a Realtor for Laura Mounter Real estate. My grandfather Ray Jessup (dad's father) is a very hard working man. He has always worked through the Union till about eight years ago he started working for my father helping around.
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