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Iroquois- (Mohawks') By: Henry, Vicky,and Kevin

The Iroquois tribe of the Mohawks!

Beth Smith

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Iroquois- (Mohawks') By: Henry, Vicky,and Kevin

By: Henry,Vicky,and Kevin Iroquois- (Mohawks') Region/Geographical Location/Natural Resources Clothing Where did the Iroquois Mohawks settle, and use? What were the mens' jobs and roles? Traditional Mens Roles/Work What were the women's jobs and roles? Traditional Women's Roles/Work What were their food and water sources? What did they wear as clothing? They settled in New York and in the Eastern Woodland Regions. The resources they used are streams rivers, the Great Lake, and other water type sources.Turkey feathers, deer hide, rocks,grass, animal bones, and wood are their natural resources The food resources are fish, beaver, deer, and turkey. The men did hunting, fishing,farming, trapped animals, and built houses. Women farmed food, kept houses in order, they made clothing, and helped build homes. Food and water sources They ate fish, turkey, deer, beaver, squash, corn, berries, bean, and there water sources are the Great Lakes, streams, rivers, and rain. They wore feather capes, animal skin, bark clothing, and deer hides. They made clothing out of deer hide, turkeys, and bark. Crafts\ Material Culture What did they use and what were their religious items. Homes and Dwellings What did they live in? They built canoes made from birch, cedar, and maple.
They also made Iroquoian masks. A soup they made is
ogwissimanabo (yellow squash soup) a very wampum
belts are a very traditional craft to wear. Its made of purple
and white shells. Chiefs carried these belts during tribal ceremonies.
They attached hooks to string to fish. They lived in Summer Wigwams winter Wigwams and long houses. the Winter Wigwam is small and the Summer Wigwam is Big and the Long house is super big. These homes were made from wood, and bark. tools and weapons What were they tools and weapons They used spears, knives, bow and arrow, fishing poles, traps, axes, hooks. They used these items for hunting or war or building. What language do they speak? Communication The Iroquois spoke the Iroquoian language. six nations traditional dress
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