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의(衣) 에 관한 prezi (문건호)

의(衣) 에 관한 prezi (문건호)

문 건호

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of 의(衣) 에 관한 prezi (문건호)

4. This is called Ju Go Ri, which is one of the kind of Han bok. There was no limits about boys and girls, both wear it. Korea's
Han-bok 5. This cloth is called Jang Ot, also it is very long. We wear it when we go outside. 3. This it not exactly cloth, but we can wear it. It called Deung To Shi, we wear it in summer to escape from hot weather. 2. This is called Deung Deung Gu ri. Because of this, we can escape from hot weather, because it make distance between cloth and body. We can get wind from that hole. 1. This is the most common type of Han-Bok. At past, people weared it normally. Nevertheless, at current, we wear it in such special ceremonies such as birthday, and marriage .etc. Clothes of Korean ancestors!
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