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MS. Gruman 9th Grade Intensive Reading

No description

Kelly Gruman

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of MS. Gruman 9th Grade Intensive Reading

Ms. Gruman 9th Grade
Intensive Reading
Follow me on Twitter for updates and
E-mail me any time!
In this class your student will be working towards proficiency in the content outlined by the 9th grade reading Common Core Standards. These can be located at the following website, OR you can scan the QR code provided with the app on your smartphone.
common core website:
Make-up Policy
Per the district grading guidelines, students will have the opportunity to make up
summative (test) per quarter per class.
Missing Work
As with all Deltona High teachers your student has
the # of days he or she is absent +1 day to make up or return any missing
assignments. Students will
lose 1 letter grade for each day an assignment is late.
Please encourage your
student to read each day...
*High interest magazines
Students must complete an assignment, or see me for reteaching before he or she will be allowed to
retake a test they did not pass.
*Students have
school days to retake
a test.
(Sustained Silent Reading)
Your student will read for an entire period once a week. He or she has taken the time and energy to find a book of high interest to them. Please ask your
student questions about their book, and view their grade and comments about their behavior on PIV.
Pinnacle Internet Viewer
Students AND/or guardians are strongly encouraged to check grades as often as possible. You can scan this QR code with your smartphone or follow the link provided to login.

student portal
Students are NOT
allowed to use their
cell phones in class
unless I have told them they may use them as a learning tool. Cell phones used without permission will be taken and given
back at the end of class. Consistent issues with this
will result in referral.
"Several studies have shown that having students read an additional 280,000 words per year can mean the difference between scoring at the 20th percentile and scoring at the 50th." -Education Weekly
Student Name:__________________________ Period: _____

Internet Permission: Please check one.

______My student has my permission to use the Internet for school


_______I prefer that my student use alternative reference sources and not use

the Internet.

Movie Permission: Please check one.

______ My student has my permission to view “G” and “PG” rated movies

_______I prefer that my student be provided alternative assignments.

I have read and understand the rules and requirements of 9th grade Reading.

Student Name: __________________________________________________

Student Signature: _______________________________________________

Parent (Legal Guardian) Signature: ____________________________________

Phone number where parent can be reached: ____________________________

Email of Parent or Legal Guardian: ____________________________________

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