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About Pig Catching

No description

Petro Janse van Vuuren

on 7 July 2016

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Transcript of About Pig Catching

Why call it pig catching?
Can I can earn (also) money as a consultant using arts methods?
What is
Pig Catching?

Let us make them fly!!
and magic when we put the two together -
There is a distinct energy in arts based methods
Short answer:
it is the quest for lasting positive change
Meet your online hosts:
Can we create thriving organisations that serve people, planet and profit?
Can employee engagement enhance in large organisations?
Can people really change in a sustainable way? ..
Can I run a sustainable business on an ethic of artistry rather than on selfish capitalist principles?
When pigs fly...
When pigs fly...
- the kind that makes pigs fly!
We invite .
We invite you to be part of the magic
Thought leaders,
Change makers,
Organisation development practitioners
Meet some pig catchers from Johannesburg
Video clips to be inserted
Meet us online:
details http://www.improflair.at/lets-catch-some-flying-pigs/

There is power in collaboration...
When pigs fly...
The process in the online room will unfold like a story
trategic intent
pen experimentation

Strategic intent
We introduce the characters
and the adventure

We prepare for the adventure
with improvisation exercises that help us access our genius.

Open experimentation
We play in the world of adventure
using strategic Narrative Embodiment
to experiment with new stories and behaviour.
We start the return by
reflecting on the experience

We take action in our ‘real’ worlds and share our experiences with fellow pig catchers online.

Janse van Vuuren

Christian F. Freisleben
Podcast of Petro & Christian
Full transcript