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The Problems Behind Placing Architecture inside a Museum: Th

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Sarah Braun

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of The Problems Behind Placing Architecture inside a Museum: Th

Placing Architectural Structures Inside Museums: The Temple of Dendur At The Metropolitan Museum
Background: The History of The Temple at the Met
Installed in 1978
Pronaos opened in 1994
Today, many events occur in front of and around the temple
What was your favorite part of the presentation?
What should I research more?
Should I look at more buildings?
In 2006, new mayor of Rome vows to take down new museum
In 2008, Valentino shows collection
Ara Pacis: A similar case
The Moving of the Temple
1950s-Decision made to create new Dam at Aswan
1963-Temple of Dendur taken down
1965-Temple offered to the U.S. for their help
1967-Metropolitan Museum of Art accepts the temple
1974-Arduous task of putting the temple back together begins
The Structure Around the Temple
Set up like a period room (aesthetically, educationally, and spiritually)
Glass facade and skylight control the lighting
Temple faces east to west like in its original setting
Water feature to suggest original setting
Sources for Presentation
Aldred, Cyril. "The Temple of Dendur." The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin 36.1 (1978): n. pag. JSTOR. Web. 9 Oct. 2013
Collins, Glenn. "Temple of Dendur Opens Front Porch." The New York Times 19 Jan. 1994`: n. pag. NYTimes.com. Web. 9 Oct. 2013.
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Stewart, Phil. "Rome Mayor Aims to Tear down Richard Meier Museum." Reuters. N.p., 30 Apr. 2008. Web. 19 Nov. 2013.
Schwarzer, Marjorie. 15 July 2010. Web. 21 Nov. 2013. 355-356.
Images Courtesy of Google Images and my trip to the Met
Changes the purpose and meaning
Other architecture and sculptures can be distracting
Appropriation of culture
Taking a Building out of Context
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