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Portal 2 19149

No description

Newsie Jack

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Portal 2 19149

The "Portal" Series is an award winning puzzle game made by Valve
What's the Point of the game?
The point of Portal is to solve puzzles using the famous Portal Gun! (And Physics)
Who Made It?
Main Characters In the Game?
The Hero: Chell

Villain: GLADOS

Comic Releif: Whetly
Chell, the main Hero, Is who you play as through the entire game. She is also one of the last people that worked at Aperture alive. She IS a silent Protagonist, so she does not speak
GLADOS is a rogue AI kind of bent on eliminating Aperture. She was originally built to serve and operate it with high intelligence. Chell Murders her in the end of the first game. Her main role, Besides the villain, is to insult and make fun of you throughout the game
Wheatly is a robot that doesn't really have a role in the plot besides comic releif. He has a dumb personality, and to top it off, a great British Accent!
Ratmann, a not commonly known character and the only other survivor of Aperture, does not appear in the game. Instead, he appears in the comics. You find where he has been with the mad scribblings you find on the walls of the test chambers. His best freind? A Companion cube.
The Companion Cubes
The Companion Cubes are one of the biggest mysteries of the Portal Universe. They look almost EXACLTY like the regular weighted cubes, except with a heart instead of an Aperture Logo.
You first get the cube in Test Chamber 17 in the first game to aid you. Then, you have to throw it into the incinerator to beat the chamber. Throughout both games, there are three "Achieves" involving Companion Cube, Party Of Three, Preservation Of Mass, and Fratricide.
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