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Background + CSS + Prezi

No description

AT3 Team

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Background + CSS + Prezi

The theme wizard, in particular its advanced version, offers many possibilities to select the background of the presentation.
thank you for watching
However, the CSS editor has an advantage.
It allows to set a different colour on the top and another on the bottom.
This can be used to imitate the underwater world, the sky, or to create abstract colour combinations based on associations, e.g. high temperature.

: Even if you place the frames at different heights (i.e. in areas of different colours), their background will be identical: the transition between colours will be in the middle.
gradEnd: #001942;
gradStart: #02daff;
gradEnd: #a6daff;
gradStart: #5594fb;
Change of background colour
gradEnd: #

... define the colour of the frame. The phrases in red are changed. GradStart refers to the top colour and gradEnd to the bottom colour. Examples of colours
FF0000 - red;
008000 - green;
0000FF - blue;
FFFF00 - yellow.
Numbers of colours can be found on the website:

gradStart: #
Change of background colour - examples
gradEnd: #f2ff00;
gradStart: #f00;
The situation is similar if the frames are rotated. This does not influence the setting of frame background.
The background is the same for all frames, regardless of their location, rotation angle and size.

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