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Kashmir: A Battle Between Pakistan and India

No description

Hussnian Sohail

on 8 December 2016

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Transcript of Kashmir: A Battle Between Pakistan and India

Resources of Kashmir
Territorial Map
Conflicts in Kashmir
About 96.4% of the population of the Kashmir valley are Muslim
In 1947, Maharaja Hari Singh had control of Jammu and Kashmir
The citizens wanted Kashmir to join Pakistan, however, Maharaja chose to join India so he could recieve military support from India
Pakistan's Position
- Kashmir belongs to Pakistan due to religious and economic ties
- Believe the citizens of Kashmir should have the overall decision
- States India has no claim to Kashmir according to the UN security council

Pakistan vs India
Began in 1947
Fight for the land located in between Pakistan and India
India believes Kashmir is theirs and Pakistan believes that it is theirs.
1612-1947 - Kashmir stayed under British Rule Until India claimed its independence.
1947- War begins
1957 - India declares all of Kashmir a state of the Indian Union
1965- Second Indo-Pakistani war begins in Kashmir
1989- Military forces take over the region
1999- India declares Kargil war again
2005- Ceasefire ...
Kashmir: A Battle Between Pakistan and India

Hassaan Qureshi
Kurt Singh
Huss Sohail

Both countries rely on the Indus River for agriculture and electricity
Kashmir irrigates lands of both countries so the importance of Kashmir is for the water.
Two of Pakistan's most critical rivers, Chanab and Jehlum run through Indian Kashmir and come into Pakistan.
Trivia Time
Question 1: What is the dominant race in Kashmir?
Question 2: When did the conflict start between India and Pakistan over Kashmir?
India"s Position
Believe Pakistan is too unstable to control Kashmir
Religion doesn't determine control of Kashmir
India believes Pakistan hasn't removed their military forces from Kashmir

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