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The Amazing human body

No description

Justin Lam

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of The Amazing human body

The amazing human body Muscular system Immune system Skeletal system Excretory system Endocrine system Nervous system Digestive system Respiratory system Respiratory system is kind of system that helps you breath. When you breath you take oxygen in your body. It also help us to get rid of the carbon dioxide. The Muscular system are responsible for your every move on your body. And also The Muscular system make heat and keep your body warm. All most ever animals in the world have this tube like Digestive system. When you eat something the food will go down to a long tube and exit as feces. (poo) Circulatory system This Circulatory system is made of some vessels and the vessels helps the blood to go anywhere in your body. The Immune system is a kind of system that fight of the sickness in your body. The Skeletal system have 206 bones.And it help your body move. The Nervous system help you think and tell your body what to do next. Excretory system helps you to remove some unless materals that is in your body. The Endocrine system helps you to
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