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Horlicks Management

No description

Praful Mishra

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of Horlicks Management

Group Members
Praful Mishra (93)
Prathamesh Kulkarni (86)
Pankaj Patil (98)
Vijay Solanki (106)
Ketaki Chikramane (69)
Tanushree Bhadrannawar (65)
Neha Bhirud (67)

Marketing Management
Leading Health Food Drink in India owned by GlaxoSmithKline

Most Trusted Drinks Brand (Economic Times Survey, 2004)

147 years old brand. (Founded in 1865)

Contributes almost 80% of net sales in the GSK portfolio.

Traditionally positioned as “The Great Family Nourisher”

Micro Economic Environment
Complan (Heinz)

Bournvita (Mondelez, erstwhile Cadbury)

Milo (Nestle)

Complan is also running a commercial ad around the same theme.

Almost a Cut- Copy of the Horlicks' earlier campaign of " Taller, Sharper, Stronger “.


Horlicks Vs Others
Political and economic factors : Import export restrictions, rising prices, etc.

Social factors : rising prices of the commodity are adding to social agitations

Cutting edge technology

Macro Marketing Environment
The 4 P's
Prepared from Malt and added with 23 vital nutrients

Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Elaichi and Honey Buzz

Horlicks uses ‘Premium Pricing’ strategy
T.V Commercials
Sampling in schools and shopping mall
Sponsored events

The 5th P..
Pester Power

Since Horlicks Ninja is typically a favorite with school going children ,
children can be lured to consume it and in turn influence their parents

Distribution coverage through more than half a million retailers. Reaches the customers through wholesalers, semi wholesalers and retailers.
Segments and Targets..
Horlicks Ninja targets the following market:

Geographic : Rural , Urban
Age: 4 – 14 years
Income: Middle, Upper Middle and Higher Class
Occupation: Self Employed, Professionals
Education: Graduates, Post Graduates

URBAN: Self-employed Professionals Graduates/ Post Graduates A2

RURAL: Graduates/ Post Graduates with Pucca house R1

Thinkers would go and buy Horlicks Ninja as they seek value in products.

Nutritional value is what they seek.

Physical growth
Mental growth

Loyalty Status
Hard core loyalist

User Status
Potential users
First time users
Regular users

Occupants are buyers. Parents of children up to 14 yrs of age are occupants
Usually taken on a regular basis. However consumption may increase during rainy season
Retailers, Wholesalers or semi-wholesalers

Horlicks is manufactured in the factories where it is packed in drums. Then transported to the packaging station and then to the company owned depots
To get Taller, Stronger and Sharper
Horlicks Ninja – Health food drink
The creative team behind the formulation and marketing of Horlicks Ninja
Culture : Growth of children, clinically approved.

Social Factors : Friends and family

Personal Factors: Lifestyle
Psychological Factors :

Motivation, Learning, Belief and attitudes!

Factors Affecting Consumer Behaviour
Taller stronger sharper

Horlicks is now positioned as a pleasurable
nourishment drink aimed at children.

Brand Equity
Marketing initiatives to drive engagement with kids
at multiple touch points; co-branded to promote the tie-up

Ra One now with Horlicks to become ‘Taller Stronger Sharper
Co Branding
Product Analysis
5 Levels of Horlicks
Thank you
Macro Econimic

Political and economic factors : Import export restrictions, rising prices , etc.

Social factors : rising prices of the commodity
are adding to social agitations

Cutting edge technology

Behavioral Segmentation
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