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Din Imaniarti

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

SWOT Analysis
Excellent quality of customer service
(transaction process and communication)
Different and new concept introducing foreign coffees
Has its own kitchen
High level of customization and personalization
Able to forecast real quantities

Low budget on advertising
The quality still need some improvement
Not so family friendly environment
Store locations are not strategic
The high growth of young consumers
The growing culture of hanging out and spending time in Cafes
A high competition with local cafes like Cilantro Cafe and Costa Cafe.

Many kinds of substitute and instant drinks

International retailers like Starbucks, etc.
Based on the segmentation variables, how is Beano’s café segmenting and targeting the new coffee market
Question #1
Beano's Cafe shows that they really want to meet the needs of their consumers by:

Improving on their customer service

Conducting surveys in order to find out what customers liked and disliked

Responded to their customers

Young People: 18 - 25 years old
Question #2
Discuss how Beano’s positioned itself in the Egyptian local market. Also explain how Beano’s differentiated itself from the competition.
What changed first, the Beano’s customer or the Beano’s café experience? Explain your response by discussing principles of market targeting
Briefly outline a marketing campaign targeting a new segment for Beano’s café.

Beano’s Café positioned itself as an affordable, modern café with a lively, entertaining environment.

They made themselves different from their competitors by;
introducing new coffee products such as cappuccino and espresso.
Put great emphasis on excellent services.
They also had the kitchen and this allowed them to have a larger menu selection and serve fresh made foods
A creative art foam placed on top of the cappuccino which can also be operated manually by customers.
High level of personalization and customization
Any Question?
An Egyptian Flavor
Company Profile
Question #3
Question #4

One of the most successful and popular cafe chains in Egypt,
has branches throughout the country,
known as a place where people can enjoy an affordable outing, listen to the latest music, and use wireless internet.

Beanos also has a winning formula of its own;
Oven baked food
Freshly-brewed coffee
Everything wholesome
Service and speed
Consumers are always changing with time, and although it was Beano’s that first introduced its customers to a new cafe experience, Beano’s finally revised its marketing strategy and held a survey to know the preferences of its customers and adjusted its marketing strategies according to the preferences of its customers.
Beano’s had been gathering the opinions of its customers on what they like, they dislike, and what they thought could improve Beano’s and Beano’s used all that informations to further satisfy its customers. Through all those informations, Beano’s finally succeeded in creating an undifferentiated marketing strategy that was applied in all of its stores.
Therefore, it could also mean that the customers are the ones that changed first while Beano’s is following to accommodate that changes.
So far, there are some campaigns that have been carried out by Beano 's such as;
advertising itself through various radio broadcasts [Nuugom FM ( 104.2 FM ) , Nile FM ( 100.6 FM )]
print media magazines (Teen Stuff, Sayyedaty, Ahbar alnugum, and Laha).
Newspapers (Alahram, Alahbar, Almasr Alyoum, and Almussaur).
Monthly special offers

Beano’s could start building an awareness in its customers by giving out ads in many different kinds of medias that can reach its new market segment.
giving out samples for potential consumers to try out its product to attract them to buy Beano’s coffees
Din Imaniarti
Gabriela Xenix Atheya
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