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Road-trips for social change

Sriram Varadarajan

on 22 April 2009

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Transcript of Grassroutes

Encourage entrepreneurial thinking in youth by giving them opportunities to work alongside social entrepreneurs and thereafter, run a campaign to support the cause. road-trips for social change A fellowship program that funds
youth to go on road-trips across
India, work with change-makers, run campaigns & inspire many more into social action. http://grassroutes.in an initiative of Youth Factor, a non-profit for-impact society so how do we create IMPACT? 1. Provide youth with transformative experiences that can inspire them to participate in social change. 2. 3. Use traditional / social media & conferences / college festivals as platforms to share these stories of change and inspire many more youngsters into social action. what
1, 2 & 3? Selected 3 teams of passionate, outstanding youngsters through a rigorous selection process. Organized a month-long mentoring program to help Fellows research & understand the developmental issues at the grassroots. Trained Fellows in documentary-making skills and provided them with media equipment to document their road-trip experiences. Helped Fellows build and run their own campaigns to support the non-profit and the community at grassroots (work in progress). Assisted Fellows with the post-production of their travelogues and created opportunities for them to share their stories with the world. ...and in the process, created a few young change-makers. Grassroutes Pilot Edition, December 2008. Funded their road-trips across the states of Chattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu. lets scale up the movement, shall we? grassroutes summer edition '09 Publicity outreach to >600 colleges 5 teams, 15 Fellows 5 causes 5 road-trips across India 5 campaigns 5 travelogues A nation of youngsters watching.
INSPIRE them. ENGAGE them. Publicity Outreach
Invite applications
join the tribe site: http://grassroutes.in
blog: http://blog.grassroutes.in
twitter: @grassroutes
facebook group: GrassRoutes.in wish to support our cause? platinum & gold sponsor documentation partner media partner hospitality partner travel partner print partner work with us from the word GO.
pool in funds to support the fellowships.
help fellows share their stories with the world.
inspire the next generation of change-makers.
help fellows document their travelogues.
provide media equipment / post-production help.

campaign partner help fellows share their stories with the world.
provide them with traditional / social media channels to reach out to other youngsters.

help us manage the logistics of the road-trips.
tickets, travel gear, wireless data cards, GPS etc - anything in kind.

help us organize a 2 day workshop for fellows before the road-trip.
host eminent dignitaries from the social sector, fellows & the GR team.

help us keep our costs low while we use your machines to design, print & scan those zillion flyers & documents required for the program.

pick & support a campaign run by fellows after the road-trip.

let's talk: Sriram Varadarajan
Director - Fundraising
+91 99875 77978 ...& let's go change the world!
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