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Parts of a microscope

No description

MaryEllen Epstein

on 4 January 2019

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Transcript of Parts of a microscope

Parts of a microscope
This is a
9. The eyepiece

Contains the magnifying lens you look through

Magnifies the image ten times (10x)
1. the
body tube
connects the eyepiece to the revolving nosepiece
2. Revolving
holds and turns the different objectives
3. Low Powered Objective
lowest power
shortest objective
magnifies the specimen to 4 times its original size (4X)

4. Medium Power
magnifies the
specimen to 10 times
its original
5. High Powered
highest magnification
largest objective
magnifies specimen 40 times its original size
11. ARM
supports the
body tube
15. BASE
8. Light Source
allows light to reflect upward through the diaphragm, the slide, and the lenses
13. Coarse Adjustment knob
focuses the image on low & medium power
14. Fine Adjustment Knob
sharpens the image
use on low, medium & high power
7. Diaphragm
controls/ regulates
the amount of light
6. Stage Clips
hold the slide in place
I don't usually use them
holds the microscope slide
Time to review the parts
10. Aperture
the hole in
the stage
never on high
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