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Ivote 2012 Report

No description

I Vote

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of Ivote 2012 Report

2012 Annual Report
Our work in 2012
In 2012 a culture war was being waged against women. In a spot directed by Academy Award nominated Jessica Sanders (http://jessicasandersfilm.com/), we showed how women can fight back against media and political misogyny – with the vote.

The spot garnered nearly 80K hits in the first month of release without any marketing or press. The spot then caught the attention of MSNBC journalist Lawrence O’Donnell who featured co-creator Boon and Director Jessica Sanders on his show and ended his show by screening the spot.
On October 8th, I VOTE released a spot focusing on the civil rights issue of our time - LGBTQ rights. Directed by Dave Crabtree (http://www.gunslingersla.com) and shot entirely on an iPhone 4S, the spot articulates the DIY ability for youth to make their voices heard.
Released on October 17th, this comedic
spot overdubs clips of famous movie
F-bomb scenes with the word Vote to
show that it too is a powerful four letter
word. The release of the spot was covered by MTV.com in the days leading into the election.
With our marquee spot, we enlisted the skills of music video director Lex Halaby (http://lexhalaby.com/) in which American students respond to the older generation’s assertion that they don’t factor into elections by passionately informing them exactly what they’ll be voting for.
Shot by acclaimed photographer Geoff Moore, this campaign featured both up and coming actors and models, as well as young Los Angeles 20-somethings each declaring why they vote while holding up their iconic I VOTE fingers.

Going into the Fall of 2012, I VOTE launched a sniping campaign of the I VOTE photos. With a limited budget, 10,000 mini-posters were printed and sent to colleges and cities in pivotal battleground states to remind the youth of the power of their voice and their vote.
Where we go from here
Our Facebook audience developed over 2012, allowing our content to reach 21,077,404 users, and engaging 742,661 individuals.

Our page had 3,801 likes, allowing our brand to have an expanded reach to their network of 2,088,086 friends.
Our Facebook audience is largely female,
driven by the I VOTE for Women video.
And they fell within our target demographic, with 67.7% between the ages of 18-34.
What we created
Who we reached
The impact we had
In the 2012 election, youth turnout was 50% nationally and 58% in battleground states, totalling 23 million voters. Youth represented 19% of all voters, up a crucial 1 point from 2008.

At least 80 electoral votes from Ohio, Viriginia, Pennsylvania and Florida depended on young voters. If young voters had stayed home, each of these states would have flipped from Blue to Red on Election Day.
Who we are

Boon is one of the original founders and leaders of “The 008” which evolved into Generation Obama and Generation For Change. In 2008, his leadership helped the group raise more than $1.6 million for the Obama campaign. The group organized a host of culturally-themed youth political events, produced the official California election night party in Los Angeles, attended by over 15,000 celebrants, and were the initial distributors of Shepard Fairey’s iconic “Hope” poster. G4C’s past campaigns include Obama 2008, Barbara Boxer 2010, Jerry Brown 2010, Environment America’s Road to Copenhagen and numerous other candidates and causes.

help a fellow Chicagoan win the White House. Off the back of that success, he assumed the role of Communications Chair for Generation for Change, crafting youth-oriented messaging for partnerships with the Jerry Brown, Barbara Boxer and Environment America Road to Copenhagen campaigns. Brendan is a graduate of the USC School of Film and Television.

at BMG from $1 MM to $125 MM in two years, created historic new media campaigns for artists ranging from Elvis Presley to Dave Matthews Band while at RCA Records, and ran Columbiahouse.com’s initial customer acquisition and membership retention efforts. Currently, he is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dather, and innovative social media timeline platform that was nominated by the Founder Institute as one of the Best of 2011 amongst over 400 companies. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan.

Bryan is a founding partner of the boutique law firm, Early Sullivan Wright Gizer & McRae LLP, and a longtime political and social justice activist. He is a co-founder of the non-profit tenant’s rights group, BASTA, Inc., that has grown from two to thirty employees where he still serves on the board of directors and as its Chief Financial Officer, and a founding board member of the Lion Fund For Children, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping sex abuse victims. In addition, Bryan is an active fundraiser for other non-profit groups, including Bet Tzedek and the Liberty Hill Foundation, as well as numerous political candidates, including President Barack
Our mission
Our videos were promoted on many platforms but were most successful on Youtube, with 121,927 views and 79 days and 11 hours of viewing time.
View counts
Our website had some traffic,
but showed the general trend of
youth finding content through Facebook,
Youtube and forums they naturally
congregate on.

Unique visitors: 2,758
Pageviews: 10,216
Average Visit: 1:44
Tweets: 216
Following: 225
Followers: 305

Voter apathy has long been a tall hurdle for American Politics. The fact that political factions are zeroing in on their own c(4)'s to focus on issue based messaging (e.g. American Crossroads or the Democratic campaign's reformed Organizing for Action), provides further proof that even mainstream political touchstones are altering their method of outreach.

I VOTE's groundbreaking 2012 campaigns were at the creative vanguard of this shift. For 2013, we will expand our thought-provoking outreach, engaging young voters with campaigns addressing the issues most vital to their future.
Current and Prospective Partnerships
Our 2013 Agenda

We will produce an interview series featuring discussion between two spectrums; for example the young and the old; the college student and the infantryman of the same age, the 1% discussing decisive issues with those amongst the 99%. Currently we are in talks with PIRG about a possible partnership to develop curriculum that could coincide with this so that we can try a few pilot programs in the Fall of 2013.

I VOTE is in discussions with the AFL-CIO to produce a pro-immigration reform spot featuring a Latino celebrity. The spot will focus on the simple American truth that we are a nation of immigrants and by respecting that heritage we build our future.

Additionally, it will serve as the kickoff for a pro-Immigration Film School Festival wherein we invite students from across the country to share their family’s immigration story via short films.

I VOTE has prepared three different scripts for a labor spot to be produced in 2013. The primary aim is to perform a “rebrand” on unions and create a piece of shareable content to reinvigorate the importance of Unions by highlighting the strong historical importance they have in a provocative way.

We all are strengthened by the unions in our lives, be they the union of family, the union of friendship, marriage, a church, co-workers, etc. The spot will ultimately show that when faced with great challenges we can only achieve great solutions when we band together – that unions are essential to facing the problems of our age.

I VOTE is in discussions with Wake The Beast to produce a gun control spot that drives citizens to directly contact their congressperson to combat the scare tactics waged by the NRA.

Additionally, I VOTE has preliminary plans to launch a street art and t-shirt campaign. The aim will be to shift the urban message away from glorifying violence to a defiant assertion that it’s wrong for corporations to profit off of the killing of America’s youth.

In the second half of the year, I VOTE intends to produce an environmental spot that focuses on green being green – that environmentalism is the future of good business. While the current discussions with filmmakers is the Keystone Pipeline, we are in talks with Environment America to develop a specific campaign that could potentially be dictated by the state of play later in the year.
I VOTE's marketing infrastructure was limited by budget in 2012. However, we used organizational partnerships to achieve strong exposure for our messaging. Moving forward, we will continue to tap existing partnerships and build new ones to further amplify our content.
Why we need your support
It seems every day we speak to established fundraisers and donors who have grown weary of traditional donation avenues. They know that they’ll never win the battle of the bucks squaring off against the soft money millions spent by corporations and SuperPACs.

I VOTE is a non-profit organization that produces, acquires and disseminates high-quality, youth-issue based viral campaigns for election cycles and beyond. We highlight issues that spur 18-29 year olds to the polls -- jobs, civil rights, the environment, women’s self-determination, wealth inequality, education, healthcare, and above all, holding government accountable for protecting our future. The multi-platform campaign utilizes social networking, online video spots, organization partnerships, and cultural events to funnel the youth into America’s tried and true tool for change: the vote.

I VOTE is a multi-tiered narrative that promotes voting to the youth as a personal affirmation to effect nationwide change. Utilizing a strategic leveraging of two-way online content – viral videos/PSAs and interactive social media – I VOTE enables young voters to dynamically add their stories to the unfolding political dialogue.

What differentiates I VOTE from current run-of the mill voter outreach efforts is the quality of the messaging. There is no group of individuals with a stronger track record of outreach, engagement and political activation of the 18-35 demographic. Traditional campaigns/politicos simply do not speak in the parlance of the youth. We do.
We had multiple spots picked up by MoveOn, Mother Jones
and Upworthy.

We even dispersed three thousand
I VOTE fingers throughout the LA
Coliseum for a nationally televised
football game.

In short, we've been busy. And it's only the beginning.

Help us continue our efforts to give a political voice to
America's youth - click below or visit ivotenation.com/donate
to contribute.
We establish this dialogue by tapping into an extensive nationwide network of A-List creatives to produce fresh, original content that resonates with younger voters. Time and again, we’ve found that filmmakers, actors, artists, photographers and musicians eagerly lend their talents when it is a cause they believe in. And when they talk, the youth will listen…and talk back, utilizing social networks and our website that employs Dather social media technology.

We strive to keep I VOTE continually evolving to fit the issue-based needs of the national moment. We ensure that the youth culture of tomorrow develops into a dependable activist force - one that participates in the political process every single day instead of every four years.
Chairman/Creator - Haroon Boon Saleem

Boon currently works as an SVP of Production and Development at Das Films. Previously, he produced the pre-show for the 2010 Stand Up To Cancer telecast and was an executive at Walden Media, where he oversaw THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA amongst other features. Prior to that, he worked with Will Smith and James Lassiter as a Creative Executive at Overbrook Entertainment, developing such hits as THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS, HITCH, I AM LEGEND and HANCOCK. He has served on the board of numerous fundraising events around Los Angeles. Boon is a graduate of UCLA.
Chief Executive Officer/Creator - Brendan Joyce
Brendan is a screenwriter who cut his political teeth as a DNC canvasser / precinct captain for the 2004 Kerry campaign. On Election Day the registered Democrats in his precinct reported a 73% turn out in Manatee County, Florida. In 2007, eager for a chance to rewrite both personal and political history, he joined Generation Obama in the role of Grassroots Chair and was overjoyed to
Corporate Secretary/General Counsel - Bryan Sullivan
Obama, Governor Jerry Brown, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Senator Maize Hirono, Senator John Tester, and Congressman Patrick Murphy. In 2012, Bryan was the honoree at the Liberty Hill Foundation’s Change LA Event as the Next Gen Leader Award Recipient.
Head of Digital - Kieve Huffman
Kieve’s accomplished twenty-year career has focused on digital entertainment, digital products, direct marketing and new business creation. He tripled revenues at the first global professional video game league- "Championship Gaming Series", grew digital business revenues

On November 6th 2012, the youth of America defied the odds once again. Despite nationwide naysaying they took to the polls en masse, comprising a larger percentage of the total electorate than in the historic 2008 election (19% over 18%, USA Today). They voted their hearts and minds in support of issues such as the environment, strengthening the economy for all, protecting health care, immigration reform, and civil rights.
However, current research as well as the mainstream press demonstrate that many youth remain disengaged from the political process. When they don’t show up to vote the entire generation suffers - resources that should be allocated to building their futures are shunted to special interests.

I VOTE was created to serve as a tonic to this social ill. I VOTE is a nonprofit that utilizes creative culture and digital outreach to connect America’s youth to the power of their vote. Through viral videos, photo campaigns and social media, I VOTE advocates issues that resonate with Americans 18-29, regardless of political affiliation, in order to draw them into the political process.
"It is amazing to want to be involved in a positive vision like
I VOTE but it is even more mind-blowing to see the finished product and see how much it influenced so many Americans. I loved the fact that we motivated people to vote without necessarily pressuring them to choose one party or the other. I think the biggest inspiration we can share with each other, is to remind ourselves that we do have indeed the freedom to chose our path and how we want our future to be shaped. I VOTE Team and America: It was a pleasure and honor."

Gladys Nyoth, Actress and Model for I VOTE Photo Campaign
On the other side, today’s young adult tastemakers, talent and cultural leaders yearn for the opportunity to politically engage their fans beyond the borders of traditional messaging.

I VOTE unites these two groups in common purpose. As such, we seek funding from the first in order to fuel the politically creative efforts of the second.
We produced 4 viral spots viewed over 120,000 times online.

We built a website and social media
presence (Facebook, Youtube & Twitter).

We produced an I VOTE poster campaign
and posted thousands on college
campuses across key swing states.

We were interviewed on platforms
across the political spectrum, from
MSNBC, to conservative radio host
Armstrong Williams, to MTV.
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