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SAP BI Overview

SAP Business Intelligence Overview Presentation

Ramon Nipas

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of SAP BI Overview

Introduction to SAP BW Technology
BW Landscape and Architecture
BW Reporting Tools
Business Content
BW Online Resources
Q&A Discussion Points: SAP BW Overview Reporting Comparison (R3 vs. BW)
The Business Information Warehouse (BW) is SAP’s architectural solution for data warehousing (DW).
Seamless integration with SAP R/3 or other systems (SAP or non-SAP)
Has a built-in functionality that substantially reduces DW design, development and maintenance. SAP BW Overview SAP BW is a packaged, comprehensive business intelligence product centered on a data warehousing and reporting. It provides a highly R3 compatible framework for building data warehousing/reporting, including Business Content, built-in reporting tools (such as BEx), extraction tools, real-time integration and administration and maintenance tools. BW is a separate system from the R/3 transaction processing system

BW data structures are optimized for reporting data efficiently and quickly (analytical processing).

R/3 data structures are optimized for recording data efficiently and quickly (transaction processing). BW Reporting Tools BEx Query Designer - use to design query/report
BEx Analyzer - excel-based report analyzer
BEx Report Designer - for highly formatted report
BEx Web Application Designer - use to design web reports BEx (Business Explorer) is the reporting tool used to work with data in the BW database. Below are the list of BEx reporting tools in BW. Queries and solution workbooks embedded in MS Excel
Excel functionality can be utilized (calculations, charts, VBA programming, etc.)
Queries are refreshed at each run; workbooks provide pre-calculated queries
Incorporates BW Security and, therefore, eliminates the need for an additional layer of security at the reporting level
Seamless integration with BEx Analyzer for the Web BEx (Business Explorer) is the reporting tool used to work with data in the BW database What is “Business Content"? Advantages of using Business Content
Pre-Configured SAP-delivered objects allow rapid development (DataSources, DSO, InfoCubes, Queries, etc.)
Based on Best Practices A solution to build upon
Provides a good baseline for enhancements of functionality and data models.
BW Online Resources SAP Online Documentation -help.sap.com
Service Marketplace - service.sap.com
OSS Notes
Installation and upgrade info
SAP Developers Network - sdn.sap.com
Online Forums
How Tos
SAP Fans – www.sapfans.com
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