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Downloading books from the Maine Infonet Download Library

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Kristi Bryant

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Downloading books from the Maine Infonet Download Library

Downloading e-books from the Maine Infonet Download Library
Install Free Software*
You'll need to install some software to borrow books. Depending on your device, you'll either be using
Overdrive Media Console
Adobe Digital Editions

Free books!
The Maine Download Library has thousands of great books to borrow including new books by popular authors.
Borrowing is easy!
Books can be checked out for
two weeks
and they return themselves so you have no worries or fees!
Apple users will download the free Overdrive Media Console software.

Apple users can download the OMC app for their specific device from the App Store
Nook Color and Nook Tablet

These types of Nooks will use Overdrive Media Console version 2.6.6 which can be downloaded from the Barnes and Noble Nook Store.
You've just entered the...
Some things to remember:
You can only check out 3 books at a time.
If you finish a book early you may return it to permit another check out.
If you don't return titles they will return themselves at the end of the loan period.
You may change your loan period from 7 to 14 days.

Kindles don't require any software.
Android devices use the
Overdrive Media Console
software too.

You can download the app for these devices from the Google Play Store.
What Do I Need?

An e-Reader, computer, tablet, phone or other device with Internet access

A valid* Wells Public Library card

*If you haven't used your card in a while, please stop at the Check Out Desk to make sure it is still valid.
Nook HD and HD+
Nook HD or HD+ users will install
Overdrive Media Console version 3

OMC 3 can be downloaded from the Barnes and Noble Nook Store.

Now that your device is ready and you have your library card, let's find some books!


Go to Google and type

We're going to the Maine Download Library!
Click here to view the Maine Download Library and borrow items

Go to Google and type
Click here to see FAQ and learn more about the Download Library
Some of the older devices or different brands may use Adobe Digital Editions software. If you don't know what to use, speak with Devin, Kristi or Cindy.
The Maine Download Library contains digital books and audiobooks for adults, teens and kids too.
However you do it you will arrive here!

Look at all these books!
How Do I Find What I Want?
If you just want to browse, click on the Menu Button to see all the categories of e-Books and Audio Books you can search.

Or you can search using the search box or the advanced search link
Then Click on Borrow.
Once you find something you want to borrow, click on the cover.
You'll see this screen.
Once you click on the borrow button, you can see your bookshelf.
You have the choice of reading the book in your browser (no need to download) or download the item to your e-Reader or tablet.

If you want to download the book you must choose the book format:
Kindle, Adobe EPub, or Adobe PDF
Adobe PDF is harder to manipulate and read

I have Adobe Digital Editions installed on my computer so I downloaded and opened the book using ADE software.

If you use Overdrive Media Console you will download the title with OMC instead.

Downloading Kindle Books is a bit different
Let's download a book using my kindle account.
And if you are downloading Kindle Books you will need to have your Amazon account info: email and password.
Other things you will want to know about using the Download Library

You can change the loan period of the books you borrow under your account settings

You can see the books you have on hold under your holds

If you use a Kindle, before you use it you will need to register the device with Amazon and set up an account. When you download a book you will be prompted to enter your Amazon Username &Password.
When downloading books you may also need to have an Adobe ID. Visit www.adobe.com and create an account which includes an Username/ID &Password. During the checkout process you may be prompted to enter your Adobe ID & Password.
If you have a question or need assistance when using the Maine Download Library use the Help page
If you choose to read the book in your browser, this is what you will see.
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