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The Island of Molokai`i

No description

Ry Bleckel

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of The Island of Molokai`i

The Island of Molokai`i
"The Friendly Isle"

Major Cities/towns
Molokai`i has a population of 7,345
Average Minimum
The minimum temperature is 67.6 degrees F.
Average Maximum
The maximum temperature is 81.5 degrees F.
The following are based at the Molokai`i Airport
The average temperature is 74.61 degrees F.
Halawa is one of only five valleys that are accessible
Has a population of 3,425
Mooula Falls is the main waterfall in Halawa Valley.
It is 250 feet high
The worlds tallest sea cliffs are located on the east side of Molokai`i, they go up to 3, 900 feet.
Worlds Tallest Sea Cliffs
Tourist Attractions
Here are three of the main tourist attractions
Whale Watching
Is done from December to May when the whales are there. It takes about 2-4 hours for the tour.
Halawa Valley
The only way to get to Halawa Valley is by boat or or helicopter. There are tour guides that can take you there.
It is great place to go snorkeling and see all the under water creatures
Made by:
Forrest and Ry
History and Settlement
Most of the population of Molokai`i are descendants of native Hawaiians.
Most famous for Saint Damien and Saint Marianne's help with the Hansens disease
Molokai`i has the largest continuous reef in Hawaii
Has a population of 2,027
Interesting Facts
It is 38 mi. long and 10 mi. wide
Molokai`i is 25 mi. away from Oahu and 8 mi. away from Maui
Papohaku is one of Hawai'is longest white sand beaches, it is 3 miles long and 100 yards wide.
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