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Maggie Yuhas

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Backround Information Taxes! The Boston
Massacre The Boston Tea
Party Results The Ropewalker Incident One day Patrick Walker, a British soldier was looking for work down at the Ropewalk. Keep in mind that the ropemakers are very strong and tough men. So Patrick was looking for work and one of the ropemakers said, “Are you looking for work? Why don’t you go clean my outhouse?” The men chuckled but Patrick did not. Instead he swung his fist wildly in the air, but the men were bigger and stronger than him and they chased him away. Walker came back 15 minutes later with 11-12 more soldiers nonetheless the ropemakers still were stronger and they ran away… again. Patrick came back about 15 minutes later with 40 MORE SOLDIERS!!! So the ropemakers grabbed what they could, clubs, sticks, stones, anything! Then the fighting broke out. They fought for a while until two men from both sides broke it up. The pilgrims first came to America in 1620. They built and built until they had all 13 colonies! The pilgrims started calling themselves colonists and at that time most of them still followed King George III. By Maggie The Boston Massacre happened on March 5, 1770. An angry mob of colonists were taunting and throwing snowballs and sticks at a soldier standing on the steps of the Custom House. The soldier called for help and more soldiers came out including Captain Preston. Captain Preston ordered them to stop but the mob only got bigger and bigger! The colonists started shouting, “Fire, you scoundrels, you bloodybacks! Fire!” It is thought that one of the soldiers heard the command fire and others followed. In the end 5 people died. One of the 5 was Crispus Attucks, a former slave. It was called the Boston Massacre because massacre means mass killing. This event led to the Revolutionary War because it was the first killing between the colonists and the soldiers. The war lasted for a long time but eventually America won! This event led to the Revolutionary War because it was the first fighting between the colonists and the soldiers. Taxation led to the Revolutionary War because the colonists were very mad about taxes. The Revolutionary War
the events leading up to it The British soldiers soon began to arrive once the colonists started disobeying the king. The colonists got very angry and agitated when this happened. Most of the colonists were outraged that the soldiers were quartering in their houses AND being taxed at such high expenses! It especially made them mad because the reason that they were being taxed was because the British needed money to pay for the war. They were also mad that they didn't have any representation! Some colonists, however were still loyal to the king. They were called loyalists. The Stamp Act

The Stamp Act was taxing on paper items, newspapers, liquor licenses, calendars, and dice! The colonists were very angry about the taxing and they were going to do something about it! The Townshend Acts The Townshend Acts put taxes on glass, paint, lead, tea, and paper. The colonists thought it was crazy that they had to have so much tax put on the things they use daily! The Quartering Act The Quartering Act stated that all colonists had to feed and provide shelter for any British soldier. The soldier could come in to your house and say, "What's for dinner?" Wouldn't you be so mad?! I would! The colonists home was the only place where they could get away from the soldiers, but now the soldiers are LIVING with them! This made the colonists super angry and they were ready to take action! The Boston Tea Party was when the colonists dressed up as Mohawk Indians and opened the tea crates and threw them into the Boston Harbor. This was led by Samuel Adams and it was planned very carefully, only one person was caught. You’re probably wondering, why in the world would the colonists throw tea into the water? Don’t they want it? The reason why they did this is because of tea tax. Parliament took away most taxes but they left the tea tax. This made most colonists very angry, so they planned the Boston Tea party. Please watch this short video about the Revolutionary War! Here are pictures of the events! Thanks for watching! This event led to the Revolutionary War because it was the last straw for the British. Both sides were ready to fight. I hope you learned a lot about the Revolutionary War!
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