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Aleksandar Andreski

on 26 September 2013

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SPQM UG Unit 7173
Presented By
Billy Lu: 3040072
Aleksandar Andreski: 3065786
Marwan Alshehhi: 3049069
Angel Askander: 3068657
Project Overview-project background
- Project Background
*Recently done the refurbishment
*Looking for some Project to boost the sales
*Central database via TCP/IP network

-The challenge
1. Quality Project has to finish within time period (two months and budget ($100,000)
2. Find places to locate the information Kiosks
3. Find the Sponsors to raise the fund for the project
4. Looking for Partnership such as suppliers

-Desired Impact
I. Improve customer satisfaction
II. Increase mall revenue and service standard
III. make Customer stay longer and spend money in the mall
IV. Increase income from the parking fees
V. Convenient information provided to customers
VI. Attract at least half of Canberra population
VII. May need to connect the Kiosks to the main office so internet can be used in the kiosk

Project Personnel
Goals and objectives
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
- Time frame to finish Project is 61 days
- Working Monday to Friday
- Start Date: Monday 2nd September 2013
- Finish Date: Saturday 2nd November 2013
- Phases 2,3,4 are being completed at the same times so no predecessors for these phases
WBS Example
- Specific phase identifies hardware and Software during life-cycle of project
- Includes
SW and HW chosen for the Project
Cost reports for both SW and HW

Gant Chart
- Bar Chart
- Illustrates Project Schedule
- Duration
- Start and Finish
- Representing the phases and activities
Small Projects
Quality Management Plan
Quality Philosophy and Principles
- Customer Satisfaction
- Effective resource management
Quality Metrics
- Process
- Product
- Project
Verification Activities
- Focuses on the processes involved in developing the project to ensure that the product meets the requirements of the stakeholders before testing of the system begins
Validation Activities
- Validation activities ensures that the product or service that is developed meets the initial requirements and needs of the customer/client
Kerzner, H. R., 2013. Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling. s.l.:John Wiley & Sons.

Project Management Document, 2013. Work Breakdown Structure template. [Online]
Available at: http://www.projectmanagementdocs.com/project-planning-templates/work-breakdown-structure-wbs.html
[Accessed 5th Sep 2013].

MatchWare, 2013. WBS software. [Online]
Available at: http://www.matchware.com/en/products/mindview/mindview2_be/wbs.htm?gclid=CKOchJeRz7kCFUdepgodxmIAxg
[Accessed 5th Sep. 2013].

Microsoft Office, 2005. Create a project plan in 5 easy steps. [Online]
Available at: http://office.microsoft.com/en-au/project-help/create-a-project-plan-in-5-easy-steps-HA001136153.aspx
[Accessed 12th Sep 2013].

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