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Pull and Push Factors for China

No description

Cindi Peachey

on 27 October 2016

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Transcript of Pull and Push Factors for China

Pull and Push Factors for China
Created by Cindi Peachey
The most popular reasons why Chinese moved was because of:
better job opportunities
for social reasons
to learn for education
Urban Migration
Push Factors
Pull Factors
It was banned until 1978 and 150 million people migrated to the East Coast.
Agriculture workers Traveling to the city
Increasing Agriculture
Agriculture production
has become less profitable and the workers become more driven to improve the economical situation
the political factors
influence them to move
the central planners encourage
the poor region local leaders
to move to the cities
their motto/slogan was "the migration
person frees the entire household."
A surplus of rural worker forced to make some of them move to urban areas
Attracted to urban economics
1/5 of urban income earned
for rural worker-money
there is lots of opportunities
for career development
Rural workers desire a modern
They have access to
improved infrastructure and technology
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