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immigration from Spain to Canada

No description

angela pereira

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of immigration from Spain to Canada

immigration from Spain to Canada
Conditions for new immigrants in Canada.
According to my father the living condition's for immigrants was good because back then everything was cheaper than it is today. He explained to me how a coffee was only 10 cents and that his first house cost only 10 thousand dollars. overall it was easy for immigrants to settle and start a life in Canada.
The person who I interviewed for this project is my father Eduardo. He immigrated from Spain in 1966 because he was given the opportunity to work at the children's hospital and was given housing.
How did they get to Canada.
My father and many other spanish came to Canada by plane. According to my father the plane journey was very long. They stopped in Ireland then flew to Newfoundland and then Montreal but in the end it was work it.(Eduardo Pereira).

people with the same back grounds.
there are not enough people to be put into statistics.
The main reason why many spanish came to Canada was because of Spain's economy(Carzola). Others were given the opportunity to Canada like my father. He was given the opportunity to come to Canada to work at the children's hospital to which lead him to be a bio-chemistry teacher at McGill University.
my father, Eduardo Pereira at McGill university with all the biochemistry teachers
Who ??
my father and his mother in their hometown Vigo in Galicia.
Why Canada?
Many Spaniards came to Canada because back in the 1960's Spain was an agricultural country and many Spaniards who came to Canada have been employed as farmers (Magosci 1211). They would emigrate because they needed a job to support their families"Hundred of thousands of men and women continued to emigrate from the countryside to the big cities and to foreign countries in search of jobs"(Jimenez 86). They also went to the big cities to make a better income . A majority of the them were young males that were single or married "Crossed the ocean in search of wages to supplement the income from a smallholding"(Magosci 1210).A reason my father chose to come to Canada was because of the freedom they were given because Spain was a dictatorship at the time and many others left for that reason too.
my fathers Canadian immigration identification.
Approximately 1300 spanish immigrants arrived to Canada in 1966, which was one of the peak years (Anderson).
Did you know ?
my fathers certification card he received as a canadian citizen
In conclusion many spanish began to immigrate to Canada for a better life. It was one of the best decision's my father could have made or he would not be where he is today.
Certification receiver as a canadian citizen.
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