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Zak Jamele

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Football

Cons to special teams
Based on the protecting the players many say by getting rid of special teams will prevent injuries. For example if you hit the punter after the ball is kicked it is now a 15 yd penalty. But if the punter is running after to make the tackle is he fair game or is he "defenseless".

Should we get rid of special teams in football?
By: Zachary Jamele
Subject: Football
Where you could get notice.
For rookies and new players to a team, special teams gives these players a chance to show what they are made of out on the field.
Changes the momentum.
As Caleb Houston states (UFC punter) “It can make all the difference in the world. The difference between having a short field and a long field, that can end a drive just in itself.” (http://www.floridatoday.com/)

If you have the ability to pin the team at the one or make a big stick on kickoff, that can change the entire reflection of the game. It can mean the difference in winning or losing the game.
Field Position
Special teams is a key part to football. It gives a team the opportunity to position the ball on an area on the field. Based on how far the player runs or where the ball lands if it is kicked.
Punts, kickoffs, and Extra Points
Derrick Henry
Derrike Henry
A rookie running back from the Crimson Tide, comes out of no where and scores two touchdowns in the Sugar Bowl. Being a rookie Henry fell down to the third option behind T.J. Yeldon and Kenyan Drake. Playing time came only on special teams and late in games when wins were already well in hand.

"Just getting frustrated, not understanding being a college back," Henry said. "There's more to it, blitz pick up, make reads, gotta be disciplined. Little things are important being a back. You gotta be focused more and be a student of the game. That's what I didn't do." (Derrick Henry, http://www.al.com/)

"we are going to give him an opportunity based on his performance in practice and what he had done and the confidence he gained throughout the course of the season in terms of knowing what to do and playing fast." (Coach Saban, http://www.al.com/)
Field position NFL
This year the 49er's lead the NFL in field position for there opponents. On average they start at the 24.4 yd line. "There are three main factors: Kickoffs, Punts, and Turnovers. Using the assumption that kickoff and punt coverage are relatively normally distributed - more specifically, they are not predictive or consistent on a season-to-season basis - we are left primarily with punter ability, decisions to punt, and turnovers."(www.advancednflstats.com/)

49er's winnings
79-yd punt
Big Stick
Field Position
Player safety
Last time the Bengals met the Steelers, Kevin Huber was looking to punt it away. Once Steelers Antonio Brown caught it he managed to swing his way through the punting unit and score for a touchdown. On this play Hubar was brutally blindsided the Steelers, Terence Garvin. Therefore Gavin was heavenly fined due to unnecessary roughness, Hubar also suffered a broken jaw and a cracked vertebrae.(http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/)
Extra Points
The average kicker makes 96.15% of his extra points(http://www.pro-football-reference.com/). Peter King writes that kickers have been too good a making field goals. He also says "the biggest waste of time in sports." Bill Belichick head coach of the Patriot also agrees that it's boring for the fans, they would much rather see teams execute necessary plays to preform extra points, instead to making them automatically (http://www.businessinsider.com/)
No we should not!
Overall special teams is a key component to a teams success in a game. Injuries are gonna happen in every aspect of the sport. Without special teams there would not be as many exciting thrills and the style of how football is played would change.
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