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The Roaring Twenties

No description

yomira alonso

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of The Roaring Twenties

"The Roaring Twenties" 1920's -The 1920's were an age of dramatic social and political change.

-Thanks to the nationwide advertising and the spread of chain stores people from coast to coast bought the same goods, listened to the same music, did the same dances and used the same slang!

-For many the 1920's brought more conflict than celebration but the 1920's were roaring indeed. "The New Woman" -The most familiar symbol of the 1920's was probably the "Flapper" - a young woman with bobbed hair and short skirts who drank, smoked and said very unladylike things due to the fact that they were more sexually "free" than other generations.

-Women finally had the right to vote. "The Jazz Age" -Cars also gave young people the freedom to go where they pleased and do what they wanted.

-Many young people wanted to dance, the famous dances like: the Charleston, the cake walk, the black bottom, the flea hop.

-For some older people jazz music was vulgarity , but many in the younger generation loved the freedom they felt on the dance floor. -The ratification of the 18th amendment to the U.S. Constitution-which banned the sale and transportation of booze, started an era known as Prohibition.

- Although the U.S. Constitution made drinking booze illegal, it sure didn’t stop Americans at the time from having a drink.

-The ban on selling liquor also gave organize crime a chance to make money all throughout America. CREDITS. Invention Of 1920 This was the first car ever invented by Henry Ford. Only the rich would buy this car reason why because it made transportation much easier an faster to get to places. Credit for Backrounds:

Credit for 1920 picture:
Credit for Flappers, New Woman pictures:

Credit for "Jazz Age" pictures:
Credit for Prohibition
http://www.history.com/images/media/slideshow/al-capone-and-prohibition/st-valentines-massacre.jpg There were more invention built like traffic light, band aid, and also radio/television transmission. Radio/Television Transmission. Invention 1920 "Prohibition"
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