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What feels right?

No description

Kennedy Mckay

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of What feels right?

What feels right?
I believe in God. I don't like the Catholic religion, I've been baptized as catholic, but I don't know what to believe in with the whole religion and bible thing
The Catholic religion is the only one I know, even though i was baptized 2 years ago, and the new pope is trying to modernize the church, which would mean women would get higher recognition in the church, but would the other cardinals agree? Probably not.
Find a New
I could try the christian religion which gives women recognition already, and I go to a christian youth group already, but last time I went to a christian church, i freaked, but that was when I didn't know anything else but the catholic church. Would I like going to the christian church? but i guess the real question is.....
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