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Johnny Appleseed Presentation

No description

Madelyn Whiteman

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Johnny Appleseed Presentation

Motivation Obstacles Younger Years famous Big Event in life Johnny Appleseed *He wove tree branches to wear on his feet in the cold weather *He was born September 26, 1774 in Leominster, Massachusetts
* His real name was John Chapman
* As a child he loved Apples
*his mom and soon to come brother died before his 2nd birthday.
*When he was 5 his dad remarried to Lucy Cooley
* And they had 10 more children *He was a Traveler Sails man, he took apples to people who couldn't come too him
*He had an Apple Seed growing business
*He was good friends with Native Americans By:Madelyn Whiteman *He had a fascination for Apples when he was little
*his love for Apples grew as he got older
*His Great-Great-Great Grandparents grew Apple Trees Other *When he was 23 he moved westward
*He calmed trouble between Settlers and Natives
*He wouldn't kill any type of animal
*He died on March 18, 1845 *He volunteered to help during the war of 1812 and rode them thirty miles to Mount Vemon telling people to run for there lives. Accomplishments *He planted in 27 states before death
*They have a Johnny Appleseed Museum
*They also have a Memorial Park but they are uncertain if his body is there
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